Mini dumpers increase efficiency on the worksite

Published 3/10, 2022 at 11:00

In this feature you find the latest about smart loading solutions on the demolition and concrete sawing and drilling site.

Transportation of demolition debris on the worksite is quite a big and important issue for demolition and concrete sawing and drilling contractors. Often the worksites are very narrow and confined and loading equipment with compact dimensions are a must. Another issue is noise and pollution. That is why we see quite a number of new and interesting mini dumpers on the market, with many new models being powered by batteries instead of polluting fuel.


Twinca from Denmark

A quite new brand that we have written about before in PDi is Twinca from Denmark. In short, the Twinca is a battery powered dumper trolley that is easily driven and maneuvered with an ergonomic handle connected to the dumper's swivel front wheel axle. The handle has an integrated control for the dumper. Similar types of dumpers have fixed wheels or crawler tracks that make them difficult to navigate and often the operator has to stand or sit on the machine. Twinca's solution makes the dumper particularly flexible in tight spaces and easy to get close to. The dumpers are all tiltable up to 85o. Some Twinca models are equipped with scissor lifts that lift up the actual tipping platform to a height of 1.4m. Twinca equipment is thus excellent for tipping in, for example, a container or in a demountable truck. But it is not only in the field of renovation demolition where Twinca’s are suitable. The dumpers are excellent in all types of construction work as well as in park and garden work and so forth. European concrete cutters and demolition contractors do not have to go far to find this smart transport solution, as Twinca's dumpers are sold in Europe by some 20 distributors and the numbers are increasing fast. Twinca also has distributors located in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

On page 54 you can read an interesting site report from the Australian concrete cutting firm Super City Concrete Cutting featuring Twinca.


Mecalac launches zero emission ‘eco system’ for urban worksites

Mecalac’s 6t ‘ed6 dumper’ comes with an onsite battery charging solution, ‘M-Power’. With these developments, Mecalac aims to revolutionise urban construction sites, paving the way for intelligent, clean and silent construction sites. This is due to climate change and the resulting need to reduce CO2 emissions becoming a major global challenge. In recent years, many construction equipment manufacturers have presented electrical products to limit CO2 emissions. However, these only provide a very partial answer, as they are currently limited to small machines (e.g.1.5t mini excavators) that mostly only assist larger diesel powered machines. Mecalac believes that the need for medium sized machines on urban construction sites has not yet met. Current solutions have very limited autonomy (mostly between 1.5h to 4h), meaning that they do not allow a full day of work on site without two battery recharges. Companies and operators are used to combustion powered machines, thus the switch to electric vehicles has not been seamless. Having observed this, Mecalac has carried out a major R&D programme, which now leads to the launch of a complete zero emission eco system for urban worksites, including site dumpers.

Mecalac believes that the current market offering of mini electric machines is unable to carry out urban construction jobs on their own. Mecalac’s challenge was therefore to be the first manufacturer to develop a full range of medium sized products consisting of the 11t ‘e12 excavator’, the 1,000l ‘es1000 swing loader’ and the 6t ed6 dumper. Mecalac believes that the main reason for the absence of medium sized electric machines on the market is the optimisation power management to ensure sufficient autonomy. To overcome this challenge, Mecalac says it has made a technological breakthrough on the hydraulic distribution system, as well as on the energy management of auxiliary systems (e.g. heating and air conditioning) to drastically reduce energy consumption without compromising autonomy and performance.

Almost one third of transport accidents on construction sites occur on dumpers. This is mainly due to the front load that obstructs visibility when driving forward, exposing drivers to major accidents.  Based on Mecalac’s user centric innovation process, the company has created a new type of vehicle for smarter and safer material transport, namely ‘Revotruck’. The new development is designed to provide the best working view without the operator physically having to manoeuvre due to the fully rotating cab of the Revotruck. The ‘infinite’ cab positions open up visibility in all directions, allowing maximum concentration for the drivers on the job. Revotruck has been developed to revolutionise the way to work with a dumper, further enhancing operator safety and well-being.

With driver at the heart of the Revotruck design, the revolution of the cab has been made possible at the touch of a button. As a result, drivers can constantly maintain the correct body posture and help protect themselves against back problems. Additionally, the machine automatically adapts its behaviour to the actual position of the cab (driving direction, speed, steering). This installed ‘intelligence’ makes the Revotruck an intuitive and safe transport solution. Inspired by slope tractors, the Revotruck is designed to deliver exceptional stability. The central linkage between the two parts of the chassis offers up to 18° of oscillation, ensuring permanent stability and traction in all conditions. This unique chassis is completed by four equally sized wheels with a switchable steering mode (front steering, all wheel steering and crab steering) that opens up possibilities for working with superior agility in the tightest spaces. The result is a revolutionary product that combines visibility from the rotating cab with what the company says is outstanding stability thanks to its unique chassis. Associated with ease of use and accessibility, Mecalac claims that the Revotruck takes safety and well-being on the jobsite to a new level.

New from Messersì

Messersì is a leader in the production of tracked dumpers and tracked carriers. Since 2013, Messersì has faced the challenge of providing electric power with two different size models of battery powered tracked dumpers of the ‘Zero Emission’ line. This will be presented at bauma 2022 along with the latest tracked dumper, the TC550d, along with the updated CTL45 compact loader line with Stage V engine.

The TC120e Zero Emission has a capacity of 1,200kg and fully electric transmission with two heavy duty electric motors making it ideal for working in the most demanding conditions. The hydraulic service circuit for operating the bucket is equipped with a gear pump which uses an electric power supply controlled by a dedicated electric motor. The tracked undercarriage is fully electrically operated with two 2kW electric motors (one per track) powered by the battery. The layout of the track is patented and has tilting rollers in the central area  of the track to ensure a large support area, high stability and excellent driving comfort in all conditions of use. To ensure maximum operator safety, the TC120e is equipped with an emergency button and electro brakes. Thanks to the electric power supply system, the TC120e is said to have very low operating and maintenance costs.

The TC50e Zero Emission is the smallest tracked hauler in the range and has a 500kg payload. A width of only 660mm allows the model to enter standard sized doorways and to access and steer without difficulty even in constricted spaces. It uses a mixed electric/hydraulic transmission driven by a 5.5kW electric motor powered by a 28 cell battery enabling it work for 5h to 6h. As with the TC120e, the battery is equipped with a battery management system which oversees the control of the condition of the battery cells. The hydraulic system is equipped with three gear pumps that are powered by the electric motor which commands driving and the loading/unloading systems of the bucket as well as the auxiliary systems connected to it. The recharging time of the battery performed with standard charger (integrated in the machine) is approximately 7h.

The new TC120 petrol model is an evolution of the diesel model TC120d: the chassis is equipped with the patented layout of the tracks, with tilting rollers in the central area of the track to ensure a large support area, providing high stability and excellent driving comfort in all conditions of use. In the last three years the TC350d (diesel) model has been updated and has a 3,500kg payload. It is equipped with the 180o swivel skip. Control is through joysticks on the armrests of the driver's seat, which rotates 180o. Powered by a Kubota common rail engine (48.6kW at 2,700rpm) it meets Stage V regulations with an electronic particulate filter. The model is available with a closed cab and 450mm tracks.

A new diesel powered ‘heavy’ dumper is theTC550d. It is the largest model ever manufactured by Messersì and has a 5,000kg payload capability. It is equipped with the 180o swivel skip with 2.9m. volume capacity and 600mm large tracks in order to reduce the specific ground pressure. As found with the TC350d, control is through joysticks placed on the armrests of the driver's seat. This model has Perkins common rail engine (85.9kW at 2,400rpm) Stage V with AdBlue. Two speeds up to 12km/h are possible whilst the model is equipped as standard with closed cab, air conditioning and rear view camera.

Finally at bauma, Messersì. will unveil the CTL45 which is a compact Stage V tracked loader. It is 1,350mm wide and weighs 2,700kg. Power is supplied by a 33kW Kubota common rail turbo diesel Stage V engine with electronic particulate filter. The ‘Power Take Off’ can supply 56l/min at 190bar.

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