Mecalac launches two piece boom with offset for 6MCR and 7MWR excavators

Published 9/3, 2021 at 13:20

Mecalac has unveiled a new boom configuration for its 6MCR crawler skid excavator and 7MWR wheeled excavator. The two piece boom with offset is designed for traditional applications, such as excavation work and truck loading.

Operators can still specify the traditional Mecalac boom with offset configuration for more diversified work depending on the needs of the user. The two piece boom with offset features a stick cylinder located above the boom (not underneath as is found with the standard Mecalac boom). This provides the user with a wider working angle, faster movement and higher penetration force. The two piece boom offers dimensions and a work envelope similar to those of the Mecalac boom. It is still compatible with the use of loader buckets and pallet forks. The Mecalac boom with offset remains the preferred option for customers looking for maximum versatility thanks to its lifting capabilities and power.

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