Making a difference with reclaimed asphalt

Published 9/3, 2021 at 12:13

The road construction industry faces many challenges, with high haulage and material disposal costs and the costs of new materials being high as well as there being a need to protect the environment, with the same problems being faced on large or small projects, new roads or reconstruction work.

A solution is available as MB Crushers can be mounted on any brand and size of heavy machinery on the job site. This transforms the equipment into a powerful crusher. This results in any asphalt being able to be crushed down to the required size to be ready for immediate reuse, such as base material for a new road. Asphalt, bitumen, and old sidewalk or city square pavement has become a valuable resource, with the material being able to be used where it is needed or sold on. 

The results achieved by one Chilean company that specialises in road construction services demonstrate how the equipment is used. Using an MB-L200 crusher bucket, material was recycled to use as a sub base, with the material being reduced quickly into to different sizes, even on the same job site.  In Brazil, a company used a BF70.2 crusher bucket to make reclaimed asphalt - RAP ready to use on site. Furthermore, the landing strips at In Reykjavík, the largest airport in Iceland, were rebuilt by using the old asphalt as a base material, thanks to the use of a BF70.2 crusher bucket. Each MB Crusher bucket is designed to adapt to requirements found on a job site easily as it does not have to be paired with any heavy equipment. It crushes any type of asphalt and hard material, and doesn’t require specialised mechanics for its maintenance.

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