Maeda’s first fully electric powered mini crane the MC285CB-3 with zero emissions

Published 5/10, 2020 at 16:33

Delivering the capacity, reliability and flexibility required for the most demanding operators, the new Maeda MC285CB-3 builds on the successful legacy of the MC285C-3 model. Equipped with a strong lithium-ion battery, it provides zero emissions and still equals its predecessor in both operation speeds and lifting capacity.

The new MC285CB-3 is the first fully electric mini crane from Japanese manufacturer Maeda. It makes the regular MC285C-3 even more versatile and environmentally friendly. It features include a lithium-ion battery with fast charging speed, monitor display, programmable moment limiter, multi-outrigger positions, slew angle limit settings and HBC radio control. Maeda has been making tools since 1962, developing technology and skills over many years.

The lithium-ion battery on the MC285CB-3 can be operated continuously for over 9 h, and be fully charged in only 3.5h. Additionally, continuous operation is possible while charging which facilitates use and delivers minimum downtime. The crane capacity and operating speeds have not been compromised, equalling the regular MC285C-3. The battery operated MC285CB-3 has a maximum capacity of 2.82t x 1.4m, a maximum lifting height on the ground of 8.7m and a maximum working radius of 8.205m x 0.15t.

Improved energy efficiency and productivity, as well as reduced ventilation needs and maintenance costs, are some of the other benefits. With what is said to be absolute zero emissions, the crane can be used in sensitive indoor environments and where the strictest regulations need to be observed. White rubber tracks come as standard with black rubber tracks as an option. Operating the MC285CB-3 is easy and intuitive with a reliable and ergonomic paddle lever remote control, whilst the 100% electric power results in low noise levels and thus improves the working environment. The low machine weight of 2,000kg makes the crane easy to transport between work sites and to be located at higher levels when working on glazing and cladding in buildings.

Jurgen Vater, CEO of Kranlyft Group says of the new development: “After an intensive period of research and development, Maeda can now proudly launch this innovative and eco-friendly model. The team at Maeda has developed a battery powered mini crane with market leading features in appliance with their policy of perfection in terms of precision and safety. Our customers and dealers have already shown great interest. We are confident that it will meet our expectations and lead the way in the next level of green and sustainable lifting with mini cranes.”

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