Lissmac mini crane LMK 220 in combination with masonry band saw MBS 760

Published 14/11 at 14:56

To boost productivity Lissmac supplies a powerful combination of mini crane or stone manipulator and band saw that speeds up the number of strokes when setting medium and large sized masonry blocks while at the same time conserving physical strength.

With large bricks, walls grow in no time at all, but handling the blocks is tedious and also dangerous. For the necessary work steps – moving and cutting to size – Lissmac has developed has two specialists with the LMK 220 mini crane and the MBS 760 masonry band saw, which enhance their capabilities when working together on the construction site.

The LMK 220 grabs the bulky components with its stone gripper and lifts them electrically up to 4,000mm hook height, where the bulky load can be positioned precisely with a light hand in a working radius of 3,500mm. Its particular strength is said to be the rapid moving of medium and large sized masonry blocks and aerated concrete panels. The stable construction at the tip of the boom can handle a payload of 200kg plus 20kg for the gripping tool. Even under maximum load, the ball bearing slewing ring enables smooth rotation and ensures a long service life. The LMK 220 is designed to be easily manoeuvred, is also useful in confined spaces and on false ceilings with low permissible load bearing capacities. 

In addition to its 880kg dead weight, there is a 400kg ballast in the form of 16 swivelling weight plates weighing 25kg each. This means that rust has no chance of weakening the masonry crane, which is designed for the toughest operating conditions. For transport, the LMK 220 can be dismantled into easy to transport individual parts with little effort. The hand operated hydraulic pump is particularly practical, as it helps to assemble and dismantle the tents in a short time and with little effort.

Lissmac's smallest mini crane and largest masonry band saw combine to create a productivity booster for masonry work with large format elements. On the hook of the LMK 220, the planing elements float safely and accurately onto the robust roller table of the MBS 760, which can handle cutting heights of up to 760mm and cutting lengths of up to 700mm. The heavy components can be positioned precisely on the smooth running roller table for cutting to millimetre accuracy. The 1.1kW 400V motor provides the power for fast cuts through the large format stones.

The durable direct drive of the saw band impellers reduces maintenance work and operating costs. Op-timally dimensioned saw band rollers are said to provide a long service life of the saw band even under continuous load. Thanks to the wheel set, the MBS 760 can be easily moved by one person. Lissmac's extensive experience is also reflected in other practical details such as the constant and optimal saw blade tension of the saw blade that is designed to ensure the best possible cutting accuracy and at the same time reduce the risk of the saw blade breaking. A quick release lock opens the saw table with just one hand movement, which speeds up saw blade changes. 

With what are said to be unique features, the ‘MBS’ series from Lissmac has been developed to deliver high precision stone cutting technology, delivering ease of work when sawing aerated concrete and masonry.

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