Lecco based company benefits from ‘VSE’ from Simex

Published 2/12, 2020 at 14:54

Cazzaniga & Fumagalli srl, a well-known earthmoving company located in Lecco in the north of Italy, has successfully used a VSE 30 bucket for screening wet ‘vegetable’ soil and materials from demolition and construction sites. Provided by Simex’s local dealer Coccoli Renato from Cirimido (Como), the attachment proved to be exactly what the Lecco based company needed for profitable working.

Mounted on a Fiat Hitachi EX215, the VSE 30 screening bucket, 5-line hydraulic version, was equipped with an array of tools. The customer required the bucket to screen wet soil and vegetable matter for use in agriculture and by private individuals. Furthermore, through recycling, demolition and excavation material could be used as backfill. In the first case, the average time for a complete cycle (bucket loading, screening and material unloading) varied between 45sec and one minute. The output size of the screened material was around 0-20mm, for an average hourly production of 40-45m3/h. In the second case, the size was increased to 60mm thanks to the patented quick adjustment system available on the VSE screening bucket, with an average hourly production of 30-35m3/h.

Thanks to the rapid adjustment of output size, with simple controls located in the cabin, the operator was able to screen the material according to the required operating needs. Hydraulic operation meant that the operator was able to considerably reduce downtime due to lengthy mechanical changes, increasing profitability and hourly productivity. Furthermore, the choice of equipping the bucket with mixed array of different tools proved successful, with the blades providing a satisfactory performance even in the presence of wet material.

Simex VSE screening buckets have been designed to be easy loading, simple to use and deliver high productivity. Their shafts are composed of elements with varying sized disks that produce an intense whirling of the material to be screened which as shown, is highly effective even when working with wet material.


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