KRC range of innovative drum cutters from Kemroc

Published 4/7, 2022 at 08:23

Kemroc design engineers have come up with a clever way to improve the performance of rotary drum cutters for trenching.

Rotary drum cutters in the KRC range have two cutter drums set at an angle to one another so that there is very little space between the carbide tips of the picks as they turn. As a result, there is an almost continuous cutting pattern along the full width of the cutter head thereby eliminating or reducing to a minimum the ridge of rock or concrete that is left.

With the KRC range, Kemroc says it has succeeded in producing a new generation of drum cutter excavator attachment specifically designed for trenching. Models in the range do not require the central cutting chain as found in its EK range. The main design concept of the new KRC models is the unique gearing arrangement that has the shafts and cutter drums set at an angle to one another on the gear box. The internal picks on each drum rotate close enough to each other to eliminate the need for a central cutter chain between the two drums.

With the cutter drums set at an angle to one another, the KRC milling attachments can grind material away without leaving a gap in most cases. In most rock types this minimises, or even completely removes, the ridge that is produced when using conventionally designed rotary drum cutters and eliminates the need for lateral movement of the excavator arm to grind this ridge away. This has enabled Kemroc to close a gap in its range of drum cutter attachments.

Apart from the angled cutter drums, the technical specifications of the new KRC models correspond in many respects to the models in the established KR range. When compared to Kemroc’s EK range of chain cutters, the KRC range is cheaper and easier to maintain. However, models in the new KRC range cannot quite achieve the same extremely narrow trench widths of the EK cutters. Therefore, each range of cutter attachment has its own individual benefits. In parallel to the launch of the new KRC range of excavator attachments with angled cutter drums, Kemroc will continue to promote and develop the well-established range of EK chain cutters, EKT convertible cutters and rotary drum cutters in the KR and KRD ranges.

The first machines in the KRC range will be available to customers from September 2022. Initially, the plan is to offer three models with 80, 90 and 100cm cutting width for use on excavators from 15t to 55t operating weight.

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