Komatsu Europe launches GD675-7

Published 22/11, 2019 at 10:02

Komatsu Europe has introduced the new GD675-7 motor grader, with an EU Stage V emission certified engine.

The 163kW  Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine is EU Stage V certified, and comes with the ability to select ‘Economy’ or ‘Power’ mode, to match operating parameters to the application. Furthermore Komatsu’s ‘Diesel Particulate Filter’ (KDPF) is now combined with a new integrated Komatsu ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction’ (SCR) system using AdBlue, to further reduce NOx emissions. More than 98% of KDPF regeneration is performed passively, with no action required and no interference in machine operation. Komatsu’s  industry exclusive dual mode allows operators to benefit from the high travel speed and the reduced fuel consumption provided by a direct drive, and from the increased tractive effort and control of a torque converter.

The GD675-7 is supported by Komatsu ‘Care’, a maintenance program for Komatsu customers that comes standard with most new Komatsu EU Stage V construction machines, with maintenance extended to cover the SCR system. Komatsu’s ‘Komtrax’ wireless telematics system provides machine metrics, including KDPF status and AdBlue level data, fuel consumption, plus performance information collected and sorted by operator ID.

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