Kemroc at bauma 2022

Published 11/10, 2022 at 11:36

Kemroc, through its new division Kemsolid, is aiming to provide innovative machines and processes for foundation engineering.

Supplied by the new division, a core element of Kemroc’s booth at this year’s bauma exhibition will be a KSI mixing attachment to produce soil/cement structures in-situ.  On display, there will also be some well-known and some new milling excavator attachments.  All products on the booth are designed to help experts employed in demolition and recycling, construction and mineral extraction to gain extra added value from their carrier equipment.

At bauma 2022, Kemroc will display its range of hydraulic milling excavator attachments as well as several new models.  Its 400m2 booth - No. FN.1019/5- will be located in the outdoor area north and will have an orange Kemroc balloon floating above it.  A major development being unveiled at the show is the new division, Kemsolid.  This division is focused on the manufacture and development of innovative products and processes for foundation engineering, with the core elements of the product offering being the KSI soil mixing excavator attachments. These penetrate the soil and mix it with a binder suspension material in the same operation. Without the need to move massive amounts of material, dense, load bearing, resilient soil/cement structures are produced in-situ to the required size and shape. The new division aims to tackle complex soil permeability and load bearing problems in infrastructure projects.


Product range expanded

Kemroc has continued the development of its range of cutter attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders, enabling operators to carry out complex tasks in difficult, limited space conditions using joysticks while sitting in the cabins. Kemroc has expanded its product range further, extending the DMW range with the DMW 130 (excavator weight 18t – 35t) in a modified version for permafrost, soils and rocks with uniaxial compressive strength of up to 40 MPa. It also has an improved method for material discharge as well as more cutting depth. Also being shown will be the new EKT 20 (2t – 4t), EKT 40 (5t – 10t), and EKT 60 (10t – 17t) that expand the EKT range of cutter attachments which can be converted into chain cutters. The new models expand the range towards lighter carrier machines.

Also being exhibited will be the completely new KRC ‘bull head trencher’ range which  is characterised by cutter drums being angled towards each other.  The KRC 140 (20t – 40t) model will be on display, being designed for excavating narrow trenches without the need to slew back and forth sideways. The new ‘KRD 120 Mix’ model (25t – 40t) will be unveiled featuring an extension including an injection tube for mass soil mixing for foundation engineering applications. The KTR range of trenching attachments with rotational chain cutter has now been reduced to two machines, the KTR 65 (18t – 25t) and KTR 130 (25t – 35t).

At the bauma show, Kemroc is expecting to meet a large number of domestic and foreign trade visitors and looks forward to supporting them with the right excavator attachment to meet their requirements in the demolition, construction and mineral extraction industries.

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