Introducing Samep Tools

Published 19/4 at 10:14

Established in 1979, Samep Tools states that it has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic hammer components in Europe. Manufacturing and distribution are located at Turin, in the Italian Northwestern Industrial Area, where the company operates a 3,000m2 manufacturing unit, a 1,200m2 parts storage warehouse as well as an equipment repair workshop. In Turin, logistics is managed with trucks leaving daily for any destination with express service being provided to cover Europe.

The company states that its speed of service provides its parts stock added value. To maintain what the company says is its market leading position, Samep Tools has continually updated its spare parts range. 

The company now provides chisels and tools in general, as well as pistons, bushings, tie rods, thrust rings, tool retainers and many other items, all suitable for the most popular hammer brands. These include Rammer, Montabert, Epiroc, Furukawa, NPK, Socomec, Caterpillar, D&A, Everdigm, and many other makes. 

The company states that the newest machines are at the centre of its enterprise and it aims to act as rock breaker experts rather than competing purely on price. Samep Tools employs hydraulic engineers who can work with customers to solve equipment problems. All members of the team are specifically experienced in multi-brand hydraulic hammers making it, so the company believes, the ideal partner for resellers and service specialists. 

The company also help repair breakers, having gained valuable expertise on how breakers have evolved in the last four decades. This includes understanding the inner mechanisms and conception of breakers, dismissed prototypes and patterns, and the effect of raw materials on performance on each part. Furthermore, the company believes that quality is essential to its standard processes. This means that all products are tested and are given a unique ID serial number.

To support high quality standards and client demand, Samep Tools has an inhouse laboratory equipped with the latest test equipment for ensuring compliance of raw materials, production processes and finished products. Samep Tools states that it is proud of its hard won reputation and provides equivalent parts at a fair price with what it says is exceptional service. The company is currently looking for new dealers and is keen to develop long term business relationships based on loyalty and respect.

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