Hilti wall and wire saws systems

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:18

More than 20 years ago, Hilti launched the first electric wall saw with 5kW of power. It was the start of a journey determining the way forward, driven by weight, easy connectivity and increased productivity.

In order to increase productivity even more, Hilti introduced the industry famous ‘Cut Assist’ and took away the separate convertor box. In the near future additional tools will be added, including the advanced Cut Assist system and wireless remote controlling.


Wall saws range

Currently Hilti offers two wall saws, 10kW and a 20kW, with the DST 10-CA being handy as far as weight and space reduced environments are concerned. Due to its efficiency, it is able to transfer 8kW of power output thanks to the ‘Hilti Traction Control’, resulting in a cutting depth up to 380mm. Connectivity to a 16A plug makes it a versatile tool that can be deployed on any construction site around the world.

With 30 % more power and three times the starting torque, the 20kW Hilti DST 20-CA wall saw provides excellent performance. With the only in its class integrated convertor box, the machine is easy to transport, avoids long set up times and can be cordlessly controlled. The remote control indicates all the cutting parameters making it easy to operate. Drawing its power from an industry standard 32A plug, and with a 60 % reduction in weight compared to its predecessor, this machine produces an astonishing cutting depth of 730mm.

The Hilti ‘Equidist’ saw blade line is a perfect match for the Hilti wall saws. The technology ensures the optimal cutting performance using precise distribution of the diamonds in the blade. Combined with Hilti’s perfectly tensioned blade cores, the extra performance required on any job site is provided.


Wire saws 

Originally, wire sawing was proposed as a solution to cut natural stone for more refined quality compared to blasting or breaking half a century ago. Now wire sawing is appreciated to be the ideal technology for cutting complex and multiple structures in any material, no matter where it is cut.

Over the decades, Hilti has developed what it says is the most extensive range in the world in both standard and bespoke wire solutions, combined with matching diamond tools. Currently Hilti provides off the shelf solutions in three electric versions (10kW, 15kW and 30kW) and an unlimited range of bespoke solutions. In both standard and bespoke solutions, the tensioning of the diamond wire is done through a pneumatic system (contrary to any hydraulic system, the yield is virtually non-existent) ensuring optimal tension.


20kW wire kit and 10kW

The new (DSW 2005-TS) wire kit is fully compatible with the existing range of Hilti wire saw accessories and is coupled to the DST 20-CA wall saw. With the possibility to saw both vertically and horizontally, the kit allows the user to do small interventions on miscellaneous jobsites. Thanks to its modular design, set up is quick and easy. The 10 kW (DSW 1005-E) wire saw (‘Compact’) allows small interventions on miscellaneous small jobsites to be accomplished, with easy set up making it the ideal tool for these applications.


15kW equipped with Cut Assist for productivity and safety

The 15kW (DSW 1510-CA) is the successor to the well-known and appreciated DS WS15 wire saw. It is the uncompromising solution for controlled demolition work of all kinds. Thanks to integration of all electronics in the drive unit, there’s no longer any need for a separate electrical box and the cumbersome tangle of connecting power cables, motor control and remote control cables. The integrated control electronics also eliminate lengthy setup and transport times, allowing the operator to begin cutting without delay. Quick to setup and easy to operate, this powerful wire saw provides maximum efficiency with its two electric motors and pneumatic wire tensioning that deliver high class performance under the toughest conditions, while the built in wire storage system guarantees compact dimensions. 

Even more important, the DSW 1510-CA wire saw comes with the Cut Assist assistance software which is a major step towards more safety and productivity on the jobsite. All cutting parameters such as the depth of cut are visible on the display in real time meaning that the operator has full control of each individual step of the procedure. Thanks to ‘WRC-CA’, there are no more restrictions on the operator position, who is thus able to steer the sawing process from a distance and from the position from where the process can be best overviewed. 

Besides the safety aspect, productivity was an important driver for Hilti’s product developers. To make the handling of the wire saw portfolio as easy and efficient as possible, the remote control used for all wall saw models in Hilti’s portfolio is the same. These features make the DSW 1510-CA a tool for structural alterations of buildings or infrastructure or for technical demolition of structural components such as bridges chimneys, tunnels, dams and foundations.


30kW for performance

When output and performance become predominant on a job site, the 30 kW (DSW 3018- E) wire saw is a unique machine in the industry offering phenomenal performance while remaining compact at all time. The top of the range standard wire machine is able to cut heavily reinforced concrete and steel to high levels of performance.


Wire saws accessories on top of the standard range

Hilti’s partners sometimes face challenges that can be solved with the standard range but do however require certain additions in order to make the machines even better performing. Therefore Hilti offers accessories ranging from pulleys for plunge cutting (cutting concrete without having access from the bottom/back), to flexible pulley systems (to reduce the angle of attack and facilitate the setup), to additional wire storage with an optional cooling system for dry cutting as well as a dust collection system for dry cutting concrete. Furthermore, from a safety point of view, wire guards guarantee the operator’s well-being.


Wire saws bespoke solutions

Across different industries there are different needs which cannot be satisfied with standard machines. To meet specific customer needs, Hilti is developing innovative bespoke solutions which come with a lot of advantages. Customers experience often 100% better cost efficiency for their serial cutting applications as well as reducing the risk faced by the operator (regarding safety and health). Hilti also makes bespoke solutions easy to handle requiring close to no training. On top of that, operator intervention is reduced to the maximum with advanced Cut Assist (remote control of the machine even using LAN driven software) and closed loop wires that guarantee no wire breakage, hence no operator intervention required. The bespoke machines are said to outperform any other conventional technology with a factor up to 10, with every bespoke solution being optimally made to measure whatever the application be it nuclear, oil and gas etc.


Wire saws diamond wire

The Hilti wire range is the most extensive one available with Hilti offering all available technologies (sintered with a newly updated range, electroplated and vacuum brazed wires). On top of that, Hilti have developed a specific range for its high power standard saw (DSW 3018-E) and bespoke solutions, the unique double layer vacuum brazed wire.


Hilti is the only way

Whatever the challenge, Hilti is ready to provide either off the shelf or bespoke solutions to help its partners make jobsites as efficient as possible. Furthermore Hilti offers extensive services through its unique fleet management programme which provides financing and additional service elements such as repairs at a fixed cost and the availability of loan tools in order to allow partners to continue working when the machine is out for service.


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