Heger enters new era

Published 11/10, 2022 at 11:55

In May 2022 Heger entered a new area of further developments of its business, with a new home. Now part of the Husqvarna Construction business, former owners Stefan Haag and Günter Dreyer and the Heger team are now looking forward to expanding their offering to even more professional diamond tool users in the Central European market.

Heger has gone through several stages of development since it was founded in 1908 by Rudolf Heger in Freiburg, in the southwest of Germany. After being family business for more than 90 years, Heger became part of a large US Group until 2013, when Günter Dreyer and Stefan Haag took over and turned Heger into a fast growing and modern family business. Earlier this year, Stefan Haag and Günter Dreyer sold the company to the Husqvarna Group.

Now Heger is combining the strengths of a flexible and fast operation with the strength of Husqvarna Construction, its global experience. The new owner will further develop its position in the market for construction professionals in central and southern Europe, using the offering and experience of Heger in this demanding market sector. “Husqvarna Construction will invest to increase our production capacities to serve the European professional diamond tools user markets in close collaboration with the Husqvarna sister manufacturing plant for diamond blades and drills in Sweden,” says Stefan Haag.

Former owners Günter Dreyer and Stefan Haag today have management positions in Husqvarna Construction with the focus of Günter Dreyer being the diamond tools key account business, product management and application engineering in the DACH region. Stefan Haag is responsible for the expansion and integration of the production plant in Heitersheim, Germany.

Today there are many important aspects of doing business, more than just manufacturing and selling diamond tools. The societal challenges are huge. With the EU Green deal, the requirements and restrictions to work with the materials used to build a diamond tool are high. Heger as well as Husqvarna, with its sustainability ambitions, are pioneers in these activities. Both are part of the FEPA SEAM initiative where sustainability efforts are measured and controlled.  Also, regarding the safety of diamond tools, both Husqvarna and Heger are proceeding in the same directions as members of the oSa organisation to promote and guarantee the safest possible manufacturing.  “We are actively participating in FEPA and oSa management positions to drive forward the European ideals of safety and sustainability,” says Stefan Haag

Husqvarna’s aim is to keep Heger’s strong customer focus and continue to explore further opportunities. The regional sales organisation, with team members from Heger and Husqvarna, will work together and offer the same customer support and diamond tools solutions. Also, the Heger product offering will be further promoted in more countries all over Europe. “We believe there are good possibilities in the market and we are now going forward with the Heger brand to continue to serve our professional customers in the construction business,” concludes Stefan Haag.

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