Hat trick for O’Donovan Waste Disposal

Published 23/12, 2015 at 14:06

In the UK O’Donovan Waste Disposal is one of London’s leading independent waste management and recycling companies. To enhance its waste processing and recycling capabilities the company purchased a Powerscreen Powertrak 750 mobile screener, Doppstadt DW-3060K mobile shredder and a Marathon 250 two-ram baling press with a BlueMAC feeder from Blue Machinery London.

The Powertrak 750 has a potential output of up to 600t/h, depending on the application and screen media used. A 4.4m wide vibrating grid feed allows easy feed for loading. O’Donovan produces a high quality product from the Powertrak 750 and also offer the machine for hire throughout Greater London and the Home Counties.

The crawler-mounted Doppstadt DW-3060K is a heavy-duty shredder designed to handle large bulk timber and wood waste, mixed construction waste and industrial refuse. The DW-3060K produces recyclables to exacting specifications and enables significant volume reductions. O’Donovan’s new shredder is operating at the company’s Tottenham MRF, pre-shredding material prior to trommel screening and speeding up the process by shredding waste to a manageable size.

Marathon’s Model 250 Galaxy2R twin-ram baling press is equipped with a power unit and features a full-penetration compaction ram to produce high-density bales to the requisite transport dimensions. A PLC controller provides automatic and manual control, diagnostics and bale set-up functions, which enable operators to switch to match differing recyclables. A multi-purpose door serves as a bale separator, bale release or bale clamp and also allows for variable bale widths. The baler also has an adjustable shear beam, replaceable and reversible shear blades and main ram as well as ejector ram laser positioning.

“We did our due diligence on the equipment available in the marketplace, but it was the build quality and efficiency that helped us to make the obvious choice”, said director Jacqueline O’Donovan.  “We also have a long standing and strong relationship with the team at Blue London and their sales director Barry O’Regan. I therefore know that any issues with any of the equipment will be dealt with immediately to minimise downtime and keep our business running”.

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