Genesis and NPK together at bauma 2022

Published 19/12, 2022 at 16:30

For the first time Genesis GmbH presented hydraulic attachments together with NPK Europe on a stand of almost 600m2 at this year's bauma. NPK, one of the world's largest manufacturers of hydraulic attachments for all types of carriers, gave an insight into its product groups for the demolition and construction industry.

These included hammers, crushers, pulverisers and grabs for demolition work in different dimensions. According to the Genesis motto ‘Promise of Performance’, its entire product range of high quality and reliable hydraulic attachments for scrap, demolition and recycling was also presented to trade visitors and customers.


Powerhouse in focus

The focus of the stand at the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery was on being impressive; it featured the 5m long Genesis XT 995 scrap shear which has a total weight of 8.9t. Due to its power to weight ratio, the GXT 995R is said by the company to be a real powerhouse and provide the ideal fit for various applications from ship wrecking, large steel demolition projects and scrap processing.


Demolition and demolition multi shear

Genesis’ demolition focus included various models from the Genesis GDT demolition shear range and the latest model in the Genesis family, the ‘Razer X’ demolition multi shear. The Razer X demolition multi shears are specifically designed for the demolition and recycling industries and their special requirements. The shears have three jaw sets that are designed to be changed in less than two minutes without assistance and without the excavator operator having to leave his cab. The user friendly multi shears are available for excavators from 20t to 50t.


Graffiti live performance

The attraction at the stand that pulled in most visitors was the ‘art-shear’. The Genesis XT 665R formed the canvas for a live graffiti art performance on the booth and was turned into a piece of art. The motif of the artwork, a koi fish, was chosen to symbolise not only strength, prosperity and a long life, but also luck, longevity, endurance and courage (depending on the presentation of the fish). It was chosen to represent how proud Genesis is to be part of Nippon Pneumatic Mfg.Co.LTD - NPK.


Environmental protection and emission reduction

The art-shear aims to also convey the ecological aspect clearly. The use of scrap shears saves emissions and CO2 and is a clean alternative to flame cutting. Genesis scrap shears are therefore not only ecologically advantageous but also provide benefits in terms of economic efficiency. When cutting instead of burning is chosen, this not least also protects the employees, because the emissions produced during cutting do not only harm the environment or endanger health.

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