Exclusive Hatz partner in Norway

Published 22/11, 2019 at 16:15

As of 1 May, the Norwegian company Anleggsgruppen has been providing existing and new customers with comprehensive support for all products and components from the German engine manufacturer.

In order to help Norwegian customers become more familiar with the Hatz portfolio, service staff has been undergoing intensive training at the local Hatz training centre and then receiving regular additional training. 

Anleggsgruppen has made the ideal start as a sales partner as its 15 person team, under CEOs’ Per Gunnar Holmgren and Paul Endresen, processed the first orders for the delivery of new industrial engines for a new Norwegian customer. Igor Hahn, who works in customer service at Hatz, is confident that the engine manufacturer has found the ideal partner in Anleggsgruppen. “Paul Endresen has worked together with one of our technology partners, Ammann, for several years and has long been familiar with Hatz engines. We are excited to have found such an expert contact for our Norwegian customers in Anleggsgruppen,” says Hahn.

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