Epiroc breakers with environmentally friendly lubricant chosen for eco farming project

Published 27/12, 2019 at 17:54

The ecological farming company, AgroHerc Organic Agriculture in Bosnia-Hercegovina, is using Epiroc HB 2500 and HB 2000 hydraulic breakers equipped with Epiroc Bio chisel paste to prepare land for planting olive trees.

AgroHerc Organic Agriculture is a company heavily focused on organic farming, with numerous plantations located around its base. From here it produces around 2,000t of organically grown fruit, olives and other produce each year. On the land adjoining the fields, the ground is being prepared for a large plantation of new bio olive trees. Three Epiroc heavy hydraulic breakers, two HB 2500 and one HB 2000, are being used to break the ground rock working 10h-15h each day, playing a crucial role in preparing approximately 1.4Mm2 of fields for planting. The breakers’ wear bushings are lubricated with Epiroc Bio chisel paste, which carries the EU-Eco label confirming its suitability for environmentally sensitive applications thus making it ideal for the project. Supplied with all Epiroc hydraulic breakers, Epiroc Bio chisel paste is based on easily biodegradable synthetic esters and is suitable for all applications, including underwater breaking.

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