Ecomondo digital edition major success

Published 2/12, 2020 at 14:44

Over 5,000 business opportunities were generated in the two weeks’ activity of the Italian Exhibition Group’s digital platform, with 73,000 views of the profiles of the 400 companies actively using the digital space registered.

Ecomondo and Key Energy Digital Edition 2020 proved to be a valid driving force for business and qualified networking for new models of sustainable development and climate change. This was established before a scheduled return to the ‘live’ expos in November 2021 set to be held in Rimini, Italy. The digital editions were held on an online platform from 3 to 15 November. This provided a rapid response to the cancellation of the original expos due to the ongoing fight against the pandemic which was announced by the Italian Government just a few days before the scheduled opening. 

400 companies (out of a total of 735 scheduled to participate at the expos) used the digital platform. Over 5,000 business opportunities were generated during the time period, with an overall total of 73,479 views of the exhibitors’ pages, from over 21,000 users, with a further 33,897 participating in the conferences. Media interest was also high with approximately 5,620 press and web reports, comprising of 109 on TV and radio, providing a total reach of 416,873,154. Non Italian media also showed high levels of interest.

Exhibitors’ have shown their loyalty to the expos by recommitting to attend and are said to be eagerly awaiting the return of the ‘live’ shows in 2021, but this time with an extra tool. The Italian Exhibition Group has stated it will reactivate the digital platform for the most significant national and international events, such as the European week for waste prevention, the World Environment Day and other such events. This will enable green economy companies to promote themselves and cover related issues with a regulatory and application slant. With the support of the Technical Scientific Committee and the various world associations, a venerable ‘road map’ of announcements will accompany exhibitors, buyers and institutions at the 2021 event in Rimini. 

During the digital events, both Ecomondo and Key Energy were able to reaffirm their roles as true ‘think tanks’ for the industry. Topics connected with the European Green Deal were discussed, such as proposals to accelerate the green transition in Italy which were well received by the States General of the Green Economy and the ANEV manifesto for wind power. Moreover, the participation of the Italian Government and European Commission was also welcomed, being seen as an important facet of the digital expos.

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