Dr. Fritsch: technology leader for laser welding machines

Published 19/12, 2022 at 16:17

Dr. Fritsch is the world market leader in the diamond tool industry. The innovative company has a unique selling point in the industry: the combination of manufacturing know-how and expert knowledge of material production. PDi spoke to Uwe Funk, head of development at Dr. Fritsch Sondermaschinen GmbH about the development of laser welding machines.

PDI: Uwe, please briefly describe the advantages of the new LSM 400 blade welding machine from Dr. Fritsch for users in the construction industry.

Uwe Funk: “The LSM 400 is the fourth generation of laser welding machines from Dr. Fritsch. The most important advantages are the wide range of tool dimensions that can be welded, the very good operability of the machine, the short set-up times when changing segment shapes and the very high productivity. I would also like to point out the modular design of the machine, which enables us to respond to individual customer requirements and the energy efficiency of the fibre laser technology.”


PDI: For more than three decades laser welded blades have been indispensable in the construction industry. How did this development come about?

Uwe Funk: “In 1989, when Dr. Fritsch launched the first laser welding machine LSM 800, the rather conservative industry reacted quite sceptically. Until that time, brazing had been the common method of attaching segments to the blade. Dr. Fritsch, however, continuously developed the laser technology and launched the second generation of innovative laser welding machines in 1998. Almost 100 units of the LSM 240 were sold and many of them are still in daily use at our customers. The next development step was the LSM 300, introduced in 2009. This machine particularly impressed with its robustness and several new features.”   


PDI: What about the application in other areas, like the stone industry?

Uwe Funk: “The development of laser welded tools for the stone industry is progressing more slowly. However, there are signs of change. After all, laser welding as an alternative to brazing offers considerable potential for cost saving and automation. With the development of the LSM 400 and its advanced features Dr. Fritsch is well prepared to meet the requirements of the construction and stone industry.”

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