Down with dust

Published 27/12, 2018 at 10:02

Every contractor likes the idea of ‘kicking up some dust’, as it usually implies that there’s work to be done. Jim Parson reports.

On the flip side of that term are the many airborne hazards that result from all that activity, including risks to workers’ health, potential regulatory violations, obscured vision, angry neighbours and so forth. This means that selecting tooling for any job should include due consideration of what dust control tools and technology are best suited. 

As with any other construction and demolition tool, contractors can’t afford to simply ‘go through the motions’ of setting up a dust suppression strategy.  What may appear effective at first glance may, in reality, fall far short of fulfilling the desired results.  With tight schedules, efficiency, and cost consciousness a part of nearly every job, a contractor can’t afford to divert time and resources to addressing issues arising from an underperforming dust suppression system. 

The products profiled below are a good place to begin looking into dust suppression systems. Along with effective performance, the models typically offer the advantage of flexibility and low maintenance for deployment in a variety of settings, plus long, reliable service that will further maximise the investment.


EmiControls new V12s

After the launch of the restyled V22 last year – EmiControls’ biggest dust controller – the silent unit V12s was the next in line to receive a new design. The biggest difference is the size, with the new V12s being much smaller, making it easier to transport and integrate into existing systems, yet with the stability and robustness to operate in challenging conditions. The machine can be started and rotated much faster, angles can be quickly adjusted, and there are three different water consumption speeds available. The water pressure is now making it possible to create an even finer water mist to abate dust more efficiently. 

At the same time, all functions known from the previous model are still the same: the specially developed turbine is particularly quiet with a noise emission of 63 dB(A) within a radius of 20m. The turbine works with two speed levels, so it has the possible flexibility to spray fine water mist from 30m to more than 55m. Thanks to a sophisticated valve technology, the amount of water can be controlled by remote control on three levels. 

The silent V12s is ideal for work in city centres or areas where noise levels are kept low, such as demolition, all types of quarries, recycling plants, material warehouses, loading facilities, landfills and wood processing. The V12s can be installed on various mobile or fixed bodies, and is available with heating for winter operations. Other features include a horizontal pump with pressure monitoring, automatic emptying for the right water pressure, and an easily accessible water filter for quick cleaning. Special nozzles with ceramic inserts for out of phase spraying are also available.

EmiControls will display the V12s at bauma 2019 in Munich, along with other products providing new and innovative solutions for dust abatement.


BossTek’s new mobile dust suppression design

BossTek has released the DustBoss DB-30 Fusion, with a new design making it a versatile and transportable atomized mist unit, engineered with a workhorse electric motor and 30kW generator. Permanently mounted on a rugged road worthy trailer, the company’s Fusion line up is an effective means of delivering powerful dust suppression technology to sites that lack a convenient power source.  Unlike its larger siblings, water is supplied to the DB-30 Fusion by a standard 15.8mm garden hose, so it can be used at any location with a working hose bib. Equipped with an in line 75 mesh, 200micron filter, the unit can also be specified with special filtration to accommodate non portable water sources. 

With an adjustable throw angle of up to 50° of elevation, and a range of approximately 30m in calm conditions, the standard configuration includes user definable 359° oscillation, allowing the unit to cover as much as 2,880m2 with a powerful dust trapping mist. The new design can also be optimised with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to precisely adjust fan speed. An optional dosing pump is available for precise metering of additives to even further enhance particle control. The extremely water efficient design consumes just 9.5l/min. 

A touch screen panel for controlling the DB-30 Fusion is encased in a NEMA 3R cabinet, allowing operators to control oscillation, fan and water. The cabinet is constructed for outdoor use, designed to provide protection against solid foreign objects (e.g., dirt), air (dust, emissions), water (rain, sleet, snow), and ice formation.  BossTek also offers a full line of surfactants, tackifiers, and door control additives that are fully compatible with the equipment.


A new addition to Leotech’s Motofog line

Leotech extended its patented Motofog range of products in 2018 with the MF 60D. This comprises of key features needed for big demolition jobs, such as a powerful diesel engine driving a high pressure pump, making it a fully autonomous unit. The unit is very compact, to the point that it can easily be transported with a common pick-up truck. Once on site, the MF 60D is very versatile, and easy to move and handle.

MF 60D is provided with a spraying head that can be electrically tilted (up-down, left-right), even with an automatic horizontal rotation. A radio remote controller can handle all the main functions, including the possibility to adjust the power and the operative range of the water jet and the engine start-stop. With the MF60D, users can cover a horizontal range of up to 55m, and using the unit’s Dual Jet technology, users are able to select between a long narrow jet and a wide and shorter one, to better adapt to the different needs of the construction site.

All these features, compared to the traditional approach with fan based units, represent a huge advantage in terms of performances and results, entailing major economic and time savings. Based in northern Italy, Leotech will show its complete line of Motofog products at bauma 2019 in Munich, Stand C5/138.


Fogco’s high pressure fog and misting

Fogco has been developing high pressure misting systems and dust suppression products for nearly 30 years. The company’s line of Fogco FogCannons is designed for large commercial and industrial dust control applications.  These specialised products are said to be unique to the industry, and can provide effective dust suppression for areas up to 23,226m2, with all models having the ability to oscillate to 340°.  Fogco also offers a standard direct drive or pulley drive pump range, as well as completely customised units.  Custom pump options include the addition of variable frequency drive, programmable logic controllers (PLC),1 phase or 3 phase voltages, multiple zones, and remote control. The pumps can be integrated on site with existing controllers or low voltage signalling.

Fogco’s prefabricated fog lines provide several options including robotic welded stainless steel and soldered copper with various different nozzle spacing options. The company also offers a versatile ‘do it yourself’ fog line using proprietary slip lock fittings and nylon tubing. Fog lines are not always the ideal solution for distributing the ‘fog’, which led the company to develop a wide range of cooling and humidification misting fans for areas as small as a few hundred m2 to areas over 325m2.  The company has also developed several specialised humidity and temperature controllers, standard and cleanable misting nozzles, as well as a dry fog” air injection system making.

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