Doppstadt company co-founder Hedwig Doppstadt passes away

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:31

Only eight weeks after the death of long term CEO Werner Doppstadt, the employees of the Doppstadt Group now mourn the loss of Hedwig Doppstadt.

The company co-founder and Werner Doppstadt’s wife, died on 15 June, 2021 at the age of 83. She is survived by her son Ferdinand and his family. 

Together with her husband and his brother, Hedwig Doppstadt founded the family enterprise in 1965. Thanks to her cool head and her keen sense of the company’s economic development, she was a driving force behind the success of Doppstadt. Today the group of enterprises has around 700 employees, and is one of the global leaders in the industry in the fields of recycling, environmental technology and resource recovery.  


Trusted person 

From the very beginning, the company’s staff were like a family to Hedwig Doppstadt as she understood that the well-being of the company could only be achieved with a committed team. As a trusted person, she always lent an ear to her employees and supported them both in job related and in personal and family matters. With her respectful attitude, she created a strong team spirit among the staff so that employees could feel comfortable and develop. 

Hedwig Doppstadt was always valued as a clever and warm hearted businesswoman by her employees, but also by business partners, customers and suppliers. Held in high esteem, she leaves behind a staff which have backed her all the way for many decades, living her values and thoughts to this day. 

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