DEMCON 2022: Best show in a long time

Published 3/1, 2023 at 14:13

The Nordic demolition show DEMCON 2022 was a complete success. Everyone, contractors and suppliers, was very happy to finally meet again. It was clearly noticeable. Among the 40 exhibitors and roughly 1,700 visitors, no direct concern was expressed that we are heading for tougher times.

On November 24-25, the Nordics' own demolition show DEMCON was held in Stockholm. It was four years ago when the show was postponed twice due to the pandemic. The interest was great both from exhibitors and visitors. A total of 40 companies exhibited, which together represented over 70 different brands in demolition, hydrodemolition, recycling of demolition debris, concrete cutting, diamond tools, cleaning, grinding and polishing of concrete floors, software programs and more. Some of the famous brands exhibited were Husqvarna, Brokk, ICS, Tyrolit, AGP, Sila, Delfin, Cardi, Hilti, Pentruder, Ehwa Diamond, Shinhan, OilQuick, Steelwrist, Rototilt, Milwaukee, Deconta, Jansen, Moldex, VTN, Simex, Scanmaskin, Pladdet, Trevi Benne, WLP, Dee Tec, Hi Tech Diamond Tools, Lavina, Von Arx, Weka, Dustcontrol to mention some of the brands represented by many national distributors.


High quality of visitors

The atmosphere was very good at the show, both among exhibitors and visitors. Even maybe a little too good during the closing hours on Friday afternoon. It was perhaps the best show in a long time in terms of the outcome. Just over 1,700 people visited the show over the two days and the quality of the visitors was high. Mainly there were professional contractors who work in the sectors covered by the show.

The number of visitors to the show was fairly evenly distributed over the two days. It was clearly noticeable that it had been a long time since both entrepreneurs and manufacturers met in this way. Everyone had a lot to catch up on.

Most of the exhibitors are well known to the Nordic market, but some of the exhibitors were completely unknown on the Swedish market. These were two Indian diamond tool manufacturers, Dee Tec and Hi Tech Diamond Tools. The Swedish trade organization Byggnadsberedning, the trade associations IACDS and the European Demolition Association and the Indian Demolition Association were also present at the show.

The harvest of news and innovations may not have been gigantic, despite the fact that the fair had to be postponed twice due to the pandemic, but there was still a lot of news in the stands. On the first evening of the two show days a dinner held on the premises. During the dinner the Swedish Demolition Award ceremony took place where 13 winners were announced. A full report about the Swedish Demolition Awards has been published on the pages 33-36 on this issue.



The next time DEMCON will be held, the show will be rescheduled for September 19-20, 2024 unless a new pandemic emerges along the way. Then the plan is that there will once again be an outdoor part where the exhibitors have the opportunity to demonstrate their products.

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