Demaclenko and WLP form WLP Systems

Published 2/12, 2020 at 14:38

Demaclenko has continued its differentiation strategy creating WLP Systems in conjunction with WLP.

Demaclenko, a HTI Group company, along with WLP, formed WLP Systems in order to gain a foothold in new sectors (WLP has already made a name for itself in the sale of dust and odour suppression systems which ensure rapid and effective binding of dust in the work environment). The products are used, for example, in construction sites, production halls, tunnel building and landfill sites. In addition, WLP Systems’ location in Castelnuovo in Valsugana will also become the new Demaclenko snow making service location.

“WLP Systems’ location is very important to us strategically, because we will be even closer to our customers in Trentino,” said Martin Leitner, president of Demaclenko. “In addition, synergies and expertise from various business fields will combine and strengthen the areas of research and development.”  It is hoped that new lines of business will open doors to additional sectors and make it possible to extend the number of customers and access to market segments, which has been the case in recent months. 

Collaboration between Demaclenko and WLP had already begun at the start of the coronavirus crisis with the development of an efficient, fully automatic disinfection system with a special fan. This was produced as quickly as possible, which ensured fully automatic and comprehensive disinfection of gondolas. In parallel with this, an innovative firefighting turbine was developed, which can be fitted for fire protection in many sectors.

WLP has been in operation for over 15 years and company managing director Mario Passeri looks forward to the future and the new venture: “We have years of reliability behind us and have experience of establishing a market that didn’t exist before. With Demaclenko 's international orientation and worldwide distribution network, many new opportunities are opening up. Our new enterprise with Demaclenko strengthens us and together we can offer a wide range of products and services able to guarantee successful projects.”

“The new company WLP Systems is a further example of our group’s pursuit of innovation and diversification. Both are important features of our strategy to remain competitive worldwide in the long term,” explains Anton Seeber, president of the HTI Group.

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