Crushed slag and concrete 100% recycled

Published 19/4 at 10:08

For four years, a customer of RM dealer Covema S.A.C.I.F. in Argentina has been crushing concrete and slag using a RM 100GO! crusher in a highly efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

With a throughput capacity of 150t/h, the RM 100GO! has been used in Argentina to crush concrete and steel slag from 0-500mm to 0-30mm directly on site during an 8h/day. The customer, an expert in the use and integration of recycled materials in road construction in Argentina, crushes concrete in order to reuse it for the production of new concrete. In addition, slag is crushed for road construction and recycled for the production of new steel. In this way, thanks to the impact crusher, all the material can be recycled.


Crusher scores with versatility and sustainability

The RM crusher was ordered and put into operation over four years ago. It was particularly important to the customer to acquire a crusher that is suitable for a wide range of applications. The RM 100GO! is said to undoubtedly fulfil this requirement as it not only enables the crushing of concrete from the demolition of old, rigid pavements, but also the recycling of other materials such as slag. RM says that the outstanding quality of the machine, and the favourable financing conditions offered by its dealer Covema, ultimately convinced the customer to purchase the crusher. The customer stated that thanks to the versatility that the RM 100GO! crusher offers in recycling locally available materials it is able to achieve the high levels of compliance for materials used building Argentinian roads.


What to consider when crushing slag

Slag is created during the production of steel and consists of mineral components and other elements that are removed from the metal ore during the smelting process. Slag also usually contains iron, which can cause damage in the crushing chamber if the wrong type of crusher is selected. RM states that an advantage of using the RM 100GO! crusher is the ‘RM Release System’ (impactor opening to remove blockages in the impactor), which opens if pieces of iron are present in the material being crushed, thus preventing damage in the crushing chamber. RM does advise, nevertheless, that large pieces should still be sorted out or pre-crushed before feeding, as iron parts that are too big can cause damage to the crusher despite the release system.

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