Cams recycling machines made in Italy

Published 22/11, 2019 at 16:38

Since 1964 Italian company Cams has been a leader in aggregates recycling. With nine ranges and 24 available models, it offers a complete choice of plants to shred, screen and recycle asphalt, construction and demolition waste, glass and aggregates.

From design to manufacturing, Cams products are entirely Italian made, with high quality guaranteed by strict monitoring of the supply chain. Each range includes mobile and fixed plants, ranging from compact to large, with outputs of up to 180tph, and with each machine developed to be combined with others to for the entire recycling chain. New from the company are the UTM-3 and UTS-3 which have been made even more compact with Tier V diesel engines, making them light for easy road and container transport. Available in four configurations, the range has a wide choice of models differing in dimensions, power and productivity offering an ideal solution for recycling waste on site.


New Centauro

Providing ‘three machines in one’, the most recent development in the Cams range, Centauro, is available in the 100.32 and L 120.56 versions. It comes complete with a shredder, screen and magnetic separator offering high levels of versatility. It is able to shred and screen both asphalt and construction and demolition waste, with its double motor makes it a highly mobile hybrid machine with a high level of performance. With productivity of up to 180tph and with crushing and screening delivered at constant efficiency, Centauro has five international patented systems. Installed technologies allow the choice of specific crushing programmes for each material, even when wet, and give a final product cleaned of waste materials and ready to be re used. Thanks to its pusher system, it is ideal for asphalt recycling, with slow rotating shafts are used to recycle 100% of the processed material, whilst hydraulic fingers allow the crushing of both milled materials and slabs.

Cams plants are designed for efficiency, minimising negative environmental impact.  The operating principle of Cams shredders is different from typical mills or crushers, as the shredder comprises of two slow rotating shafts meaning that any power requirement is reduced and noise and sound emissions are minimised. The Cams have high efficiency electric motors that have paved the way for the used of hybrid technology, reducing fuel consumption and enabling the redistribution of electricity generated by the plants for use on site.

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