Bobcat supplies 25 skid steer loaders

Published 2/12, 2020 at 13:57

Bobcat Equipment South Africa has concluded a contract to supply 25 Bobcat skid steer loaders to a major Southern Africa leader in the hardware, home improvement, DIY and building materials sectors.

The brand new machines were supplied direct from the Bobcat factory, reports Brian Rachman, Bobcat’s national operations manager.

Delivering 25 units to one company acts as a huge reference when negotiating similar deals in the future, notes Rachman, who says: “Our machines will be delivered to the respective stores across the area.” Bobcat will also provide a five year maintenance agreement to provide world class service and back up. “Arranging such a large order from the factory took some well-prepared negotiating with both the customer and the OEM, as well as having the units dispatched timeously within a confined time,” adds Rachman.

“Our Bobcat skid steer loaders feature excellent performance, with a compact body size and power to easily operate in confined spaces. This is due to the fact that, being a vertical lift machine, the load remains closer to the loader throughout the lift path. We believe our vertical path skid steer loader was the best option based on the client’s requirements and needs, in addition to its low running costs, not to mention the extra lift height and bucket capacity resulting in quicker cycle times for both the client and its customers.” Other advantages include low maintenance, increased lift for loading trucks, minimal electronics, a larger bucket capacity and a longer wheelbase for better machine stability.

“We will embark on an operator training programme for each of the customer’s branches. We have also set up a dedicated call centre to handle all enquiries relating to service, parts and breakdowns to ensure minimal downtime for the client, with a rapid response team on call seven days a week,” concludes Rachman.

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