Bobcat launches air compressor with ‘FlexAir’ technology

Published 19/4 at 10:06

Following the introduction of the new Bobcat range of portable power products at the start of 2024, the company has launched the new PA12.7v portable air compressor. This is a variable pressure compressor that utilises a system called FlexAir technology, allowing it to operate in the range of 5.5 to 12.1bar and offer free air deliveries from 5.2 to 7m3/min.

Designed for versatility

FlexAir technology enables the use of the whole range of pressure output from the compressor which can be set via the control panel which is intuitive to use, enabling the operator to vary the pressure and flow system with a simple push of a button. Thanks to the variable free air delivery system, the same machine can be used for diverse types of work ranging from general construction and powering hand held pneumatic tools to sand/abrasive blasting, pipeline pressure testing, high pressure industrial cleaning, welding, concrete spraying and optical cable blowing. 

A full portfolio of options has been developed to aid versatility. Whether the application requires the machine to be equipped with an aftercooler, lubricator, spark arrestor, generator or any of the other optional features available, the PA12.7v portable compressor can take on any number of tasks. The new model is said to offer enhanced versatility with the optional 6 or 8.5kVA generator installed, which is said to enable both the compressor and generator to work at 100% performance at the same time.

The PA12.7v portable compressor has been built to withstand the rigours of diverse applications in the toughest conditions. The strong, lightweight polymer canopy on the new PA12.7v opens a full 90o, making it easy to access essential components and maintenance points. All areas are said to have been carefully designed for ease of inspection, maintenance and repair. Service intervals for several components have been extended to increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs. Central liquid drains also simplify maintenance, reducing downtime and the presence of a 110% bunded base as standard is designed to prevent liquid spills into the environment, giving added peace of mind. 


Designed with the operator in mind

The PA12.7v portable compressor is designed with the operator in mind, offering several optional external features including variable height running gear, exterior protective elements, safety chains and a canopy mounted hose reel that is said to provide additional flexibility to allow users to accomplish more every day. The new PA12.7v is part of Bobcat’s comprehensive portable power range, offering a wide selection of different sizes of portable compressors and generators for use in a wide range of industries, including plant and tool hire, demolition, utilities, construction, quarrying and general industry. 

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