‘BLTB’ Series 3 from Beilite Europe

Published 19/4 at 10:03

ACDE Europe has introduced its latest generation of hydraulic breakers: the BLTB-175-W-3 to BLTB-260-3-W, Series 3. The company says that the series provides models for every application, being suitable for excavators with an operating weight of 40,000kg to 160,000kg.

Amongst the features found on the new breakers include a professional air duct for underwater and tunnel work;  a choice of impact piston; new covers for chisel locking axles; extra wear resistant housing; and BI-BLube automatic lubrication system for optimised lubrication that extends the service life of the equipment. There is also an optional dust protection system. 

The company states that its breakers are designed to provide more power with less weight making them ideal for smaller excavators. They are also said to reduce fuel and transportation costs thanks to the advanced design technology, with the series having been designed for mining, demolition, tunnelling and underwater work, being developed to maximise efficiency and productivity. 


‘ASG’ demolition and sorting grabs and ‘ASC’ pulverisers

Also new are the ASG demolition and sorting grabs which has been developed to provide a solution with maximum efficiency at minimum cost. The grabs are said to possess low weight and low overall height for optimum handling; robustness thanks to wear resistant steel and hardened, chrome plated bearing pins. They also have 360° rotation and a high price performance-ratio whilst being suitable for large excavators up to 50t in weight.

The ASC series of hydraulic pulverisers has been designed to be used with all sorts of excavators, whether light or heavy weight. The series comes with the company’s cylinder protection and fast action valve, said to deliver more power and less waiting time. The ASC series is designed to deliver numerous benefits on large demolition projects, enabling customers to hit the ground running whilst delivering  precision work, making them the ideal tool for anyone who values accuracy.

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