Blastrac’s biggest scarifier available as remote controlled system

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:47

The Blastrac ‘BMP-4000RC’ is a heavy duty remote controlled milling and sawing machine ideally suited for larger applications. It is a multifunctional machine that can be applied to scarifying or sawing operations, being ideal for the removal of the toughest coatings or to level floors.

The BMP-4000RC remote controlled machine is hydraulically driven with variable speed, forward and reverse, all controlled via a remote. It can be driven without any drum engaged which makes it very easy to transport on and off the jobsite. Despite appearances, it fits through door openings due to its narrow width of only 840mm (when the right wheel is folded). Both wheel hydraulic cylinders have a depth sensor indicator for a precise height adjustment whilst working, with the working depth being easily set. In  addition, a display provides  information about height levels  and it is equipped with an ammeter. With its increased weight, the BMP-4000RC generates very precise and efficient milling and sawing actions.

Blastrac has designed a full range of milling and sawing drums, milling picks and diamond blades, which provide the opportunity to process any floor and specific application. Due to the specially designed dust     extract system inside the drum housing, the BMP-4000RC is almost dust free when used in combination   with the Blastrac dust collector ‘BDC-99’. Depending on the job at hand, the contractor can choose the drum that best fits the needs such as a milling drum with 60 picks for rough results, a milling drum with 116 picks for thinner results or a sawing drum for very thin results. The remotely operated version provides an improved working environment, as well as delivering increased productivity.

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