Avant Tecno gets ready for bauma

Published 25/3 at 14:39

In January, Avant Tecno exhibited at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, USA.

During its seven years of representation in the US, Avant Tecno has strengthened its position in gardening, construction and rental and is now ready to enter the demolition industry.  The company has latterly increased its global distribution network, being sold in approximately 50 countries world-wide by distributors such as Nordfarm in Sweden. Avant also own its own sales companies in Germany, the United Kingdom and now in the United States. Recently the company has launched new products, with the introduction of the Avant 800 series being most newsworthy, as well as the announcement of the continuing development of electrically driven compact loader series, the E series, and the release of the Leguan 135 Neo.


Avant 800 series 

The 800 series is the biggest and most powerful loader series, being able to lift up to 1,900kg up to 3.5m. It also possesses compact dimensions of 1.5m width, 3.4m length and 2.2m height. The weight of the machine starts at 2,5t which means it almost lifts its own weight, with its articulated construction making it versatile and powerful. Currently the 800 series comprises of two models: the Avant 860i which has a 42kW Kohler motor ( KDI 1903 TCR), and a turbo driven diesel motor variant that meets EU Stage V regulation and American Tier 4 regulation. The Avant 850 is equipped with a Kubota V2403 36 kW diesel motor, and is designed for markets outside of the EU and the US.

The 800 series is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission and a hydraulic drive motor on every wheel, and has two speeds, a common feature on Avant’s machines. The maximum speed is 30km/h and the oil flow for attachments is as high as 80l/min. A telescopic loader boom is a standard in the series, which can be extended and retracted by 825mm and gives a maximum lift height of 3.5m. The 800 series is equipped with the Avant quick attach system for attachments making any tool change easy. It has a certified ROPS/FOPS open cab as standard, as well as an enclosed heated cab as an option, being both spacious and equipped with large windows for visibility.


Electric drive

At bauma 2016, Avant Tecno launched its first battery powered compact loader, Avant 5e. Since then, the series has evolved further with a lithium ion battery powered compact loader, the Avant e6. Today, the series is 100 % electric, including the Avant e5 driven by an AGM battery, which ensures that there are no emissions and low noise levels. The machine is equipped with two electric motors, one for drive transmission and one for the hydraulic system, with the electric motors providing immediate and maximum torque as well as excellent lift and pull capacity. The machines have built in 230V battery chargers. The 1.4t machine has a lift capacity of up to 900kg, a lift height of up to 2.8m, and dimensions of 2.55m in length, 1.98m in height and 1.03m in width. 


Leguan 135 Neo 

The new lift Leguan 135 Neo is the first ‘lift’ built on an entirely new platform, making it more user-friendly. All operations are handled with a single joystick which simplifies and widens the use of the lift’s boom. The platform is equipped with both automatic and manual levelling, with the automatic mode having been made easy to use via the push of a button. If the surface is sloped, the automatic levelling adjusts according to surface, with a built in automatic outreach control system that measures the cage load, with maximum outreach being dependent on this automation. Taking the boom down to transit mode is done easily by the pushing of a button, returning automatically to its transit position. 

The 135 Neo has been made lower and narrower than its predecessor, with no compromise to off road capacity, with simplicity and service friendliness being integrated in the machines design. It is powered by a Honda GX390 petrol engine, equipped with an automatic revolution control and can be equipped with either 4WD or rubber tracks. As with all Leguan models, it can be supplied with a trailer, which means it can be operated without the need to take the unit off from the trailer. An electric motor (230V or 110V) plus remote operation for driving and outrigger operations are available as options.

Avant Tecno will be exhibiting at bauma in April, outside area, booth number: FN.1020/5.

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