Automated dust under control with CURT management software

Published 22/11, 2019 at 10:03

CURT (Control Unit for Remote controlled Turbines) is EmiControls new monitoring and control system for dust and odour controller machinery.

The software can be conveniently accessed by a PC and manages machines in real time, all with the simple click of a mouse. If certain operating processes normally generate dust and odours, the times and modes for automatic activation and deactivation of the system can be set based on several inputs. Abatement of dust and odour is no longer the responsibility of workers, instead occurring automatically with high levels of efficiency.

CURT reacts to the following inputs (each one is separately definable for each dust controller machine in the system): time control with calendar function and various atmospheric conditions, (including wind, rain, temperature, humidity). Ultrasound, photocell, dust sensor  and electronic nose will be available in 2020.  CURT provides the many advantages, including a completely independent functioning of the system based on predefined parameters. This presents time savings and improved safety for operators thanks to remote control of the system through simply clicking a mouse. This means that economic dust and odour abatement is possible with high energy efficiency, whilst being adaptable to meet a variety of customer requirements. The software has clear graphics for simple software use, and it is possible to fit CURT to previously installed EmiControls dust controllers.

CURT effectively provides economic and efficient management of dust and odour control systems in terms of resources. Inputs and sensors can be expanded as desired, based on specific customer requirements. Once installed, CURT makes it possible for the user to save time and money as the system starts operating only when necessary.  Future developments will see a smartphone app as well as connection to SCADA systems.

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