Ausa’s new range of fully electric vehicles

Published 20/12, 2022 at 09:42

Ausa has launched an electric vehicle range online, consisting of the D151AEG dumper and the T164E telescopic handler. With these new products, Ausa is taking another step to tackle climate change and move towards a more efficient, emission free and environmentally friendly world.

Power for the whole day

All of Ausa's electric vehicles have been designed with an operating range of at least one full working day. The li-ion battery pack is managed electronically to offer maximum power in a smooth way and all-terrain conditions that match diesel vehicles. Also, when the accelerator is released, the electric motor reduces the speed instantaneously while the energy is regenerated, thereby extending its range. All of Ausa's electric vehicles feature a charging cable so they can be connected to the mains via an 110V, 230V or 415V socket with a fast charger whenever necessary.


New horizon

With the new products, Ausa has expanded the possible uses of its products, contributing vehicles to the market that will multiply the applications for users, enabling work in enclosed environments with no air circulation, environmentally protected spaces or work carried out at night, all thanks to the drastic reduction in noise emissions. At the same time, the safety of the operator also increases significantly, as the reduced noise levels also lead to less worker fatigue, while making communication with other colleagues much more fluid.


The D151AEG dumper

The new D151AEG is Ausa's first electric dumper with a 1,500kg payload, and has compact dimensions that make it ideal for working in small spaces. It features a 7.6kW electric motor with a maximum peak of 17.3kW and permanent 4WD with excellent all-terrain capabilities, meaning its performance matches that of its diesel equivalent. The D151AEG has been designed with an operating range of at least one typical working day with a battery capacity of up to 12.3kW/h. The power delivery is managed electronically to obtain the best performance with less consumption.

The regeneration of the batteries when the accelerator is released or when driving downhill also allows its range to be extended. Whenever necessary, it can be connected directly to the mains or a generator with the cable included in the vehicle. The batteries of the D151AEG electric dumper charge from 20% to 80% in just two hours when charging at 230V.


The T164E telescopic handler

Ausa states that the T164E is the first electric telescopic handler with a 1,600kg payload on the market. With its all-terrain capabilities and a maximum lifting height of 4m, it is designed to be ideal for working in emission free spaces such as greenhouses, enclosed spaces and even working at night, all due to its minimal noise emissions. It  has a power of 8.4kW, with a peak of 21.2kW, giving it strength and all-terrain capabilities for working on difficult surfaces and gradients of up to 32%. It can be charged by connecting the integrated cable to the mains or a generator, going from a charge of 20% to 80% in just three and a quarter hours at a power of 230V.


Ausa at bauma

The all-terrain compact vehicle brand was shown at the construction sector's leading trade show, bauma in Munich from 24 to 30 October. On this occasion, Ausa displayed 13 all-terrain vehicles, with the highlight being its aforementioned new electric range, consisting of the D151AEG dumper and the T164E telescopic handler. The company also presented the new T164H, the combustion engine version of the same electric telescopic handler, with a 1,600kg payload and a maximum lifting capacity of 4m. Additionally, and for the first time at a trade show, Ausa exhibited its D301AHG dumper with a 3,000kg payload, launched on the market in the first half of the year. The rest of the display consisted of other dumper, all-terrain forklift and telescopic handler units from the company's current catalogue.

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