Ausa introduces the D301AHG, its new 3,000kg payload dumper

Published 19/4, 2022 at 10:03

After completing the launch of its entire range of dumpers with higher payloads, Ausa is continuing to upgrade its equipment with the new D301AHG dumper.

The completely new dumper has been designed with the aim of delivering higher productivity and a better return on investment for the customer, as well as improved operational safety. With the D301AHG, Ausa has upgraded its first mid-range dumper, with the machine being suited to relatively large scale construction projects, whether for public works or quick earthworks in open spaces.

To move the load, the dumper is equipped with a Kubota four cylinder 18.5kW engine with no DPF, which complies with the Tier 4 low emissions standard. Additionally, the machine's low weight and permanent all-wheel drive provide off road capability and 50% gradeability. The  new dumper has also been designed to achieve optimal productivity. In this new design, a new skip has been devised with a heaped capacity 12% higher than in the previous model. With this notable increase, Ausa is seeking to minimise the number of journeys that the operator has to make to transport the same amount of material, thus speeding up the completion of the works.

In terms of equipment, the new dumper includes a set of safety features. Firstly, the power is transmitted via hydrostatic transmission, ensuring smoother and safer operation. Furthermore, the driving position is equipped with a seat that has a presence sensor and a seat belt with a buckle sensor to prevent the machine from being started if the recommended safety measures have not been taken and to avoid any inadvertent movement. Finally, the D301AHG has an extensive range of optional accessories, so the machine can be customised to meet each customer's requirements. These include the ‘AUSAnow’ fleet manager and lighting equipment.

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