Atlas to present its 100% battery powered industrial material handling [...]

Published 19/4 at 10:07

Atlas to present its 100 % battery powered industrial material handling machine ‘200MH accu’ in action at Ifat 2024

This year, Atlas GmbH will again be present at Ifat Munich – the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies. Every two years, Ifat provides a platform for the industry to present solutions in water, sewage, waste and raw materials management as well as strategies for utilising resources in intelligent cycles and preserving them in the long term.

The next Ifat will take place from 13 to 17 May 2024 at the Munich exhibition site. In the newly introduced cross industry sessions, solutions from various sectors will be the focus of attention, with the objective being to address and develop shared solution approaches for a circular economy across various industries. Based on its comprehensive network, Ifat Munich brings together key players from communities and industrial sectors who are interested in recycling management and the closing of loops in economic circles.

Atlas cooperates closely with VAK, the German association of manufacturers of vehicle bodies, suppliers and manufacturers of accessories for equipment and municipal vehicles. The VAK member companies aim to develop and produce innovative, energy efficient and resource saving equipment and municipal vehicles. In this way, they create values for customers, stakeholders, employees, and society as a whole. At the booth hosted by VAK, Atlas will present its 100 % battery powered industrial material handling machine, the 200MH accu.

This machine has an operating weight (including 500l grab) of 21t and the boom has a reach of up to 11.6m. The large electric motor generates an output of 140kW and runs on a climate controlled lithium ion battery with a capacity of 115kWh, which provides sufficient energy for four hours of operation. An hour at a 75kW charging station will then recharge the battery system to 96 %.

At Ifat, machines are not simply stationary exhibits, but also demonstrated in action, showing prospective customers exactly of what they are capable of. In the outdoor exhibition area FM.713/2, Atlas is going to show visitors interesting live demonstrations just how efficiently Atlas material handlers operate, presenting two different versions of the 200MH. One machine features a dipper tipping cylinder and sorting grab, whilst the other has a multi jab grab with a capacity of 350ls. The working length of the booms is 6,000mm and of the jibs 4,000mm. Other boom combinations are available as options.

The undercarriage of the 200MH accu is equipped with sturdy four point outriggers for support as well as heavy duty axles fitted with solid rubber industrial tyres. The upper carriage has a swing radius of 2,240 mm. The special feature of this material handler is the powerful battery pack in the rear for maximum mobility and uninterrupted operation in recycling applications at zero emissions. The battery pack serves as the sole energy source, thus allowing the machine to drive and work entirely self-sufficiently.

The battery is said to have a particularly long service life and the 200MH accu features a certified high  voltage battery system with a minimum of 4,000 full load cycles with the climate control of the battery cells taking care of a constant cell temperature. In addition, the integrated power electronics are designed to ensure an especially gentle starting of the motor to protect the supply system. 

At an assumed annual operating time of 2,000h, and energy generation from renewable energy sources, the excavator is said by Atlas to save 30t  of CO2 on average, per year. No maintenance work is required, and at the same time, the machine operates completely without fossil fuels as well as vibration and noise being reduced, thus noticeably relieving the strain on human health and the environment.

Atlas will be located at the VAK tent in the outdoor exhibition area (FM.713/2).

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