Aquajet training options provide customised solutions

Published 9/3, 2021 at 13:49

Aquajet, the leading global hydrodemolition machine manufacturer, now offers on demand training options to maximise productivity and safety on the jobsite.

In addition to in depth, hands on training with each machine commission, Aquajet’s North American subsidiary provides continuing education options on site or through its network of facilities across the United States. Training is tailored to customer need and operator experience to ensure long term hydrodemolition success.

“The key to a safe, efficient hydrodemolition jobsite is thorough training,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet managing director. “Whether new to hydrodemolition or a long time operator looking to keep their skills sharp, customers will find our sales partner in North America, Brokk Inc., offers a number of personalised training options to help maximise machine performance in any application.” Training by a specialised Aquajet technician accompanies the sale of every machine and is tailored to fit the customer’s application and experience level. This comprehensive, on site education provides individuals or small groups with tips and information pertaining to safe, productive operation of the new equipment with training technicians boasting years of experience using Aquajet machines in a variety of applications. 

Initial training caters to each operator’s skill level and covers basic and advanced operating modes, safety for the machine and around high pressure equipment, manoeuvring the machine, reading blasting results and making proper adjustments and equipment maintenance. Upon successful completion, the trainee will be a licensed Aquajet operator.  Additional training opportunities offer customers a customisable, in depth curriculum designed to help optimise operations and efficiency. Known as the ‘Aquajet Academy’, this multiday programme goes beyond safe operation to focus on six key areas: products, the concrete removal process, streamlining work, safety and technique, service and train the trainer. Academy graduates serve as a resource for their operations with their in depth knowledge of the hydrodemolition method and equipment and how to leverage it for a competitive advantage.  Again, the curriculum can be customised to the customer’s needs and can be held on site or at one of the U.S. facilities located in Monroe, Washington; St. Joseph, Missouri; or Stanhope, New Jersey.

“While safety is always a top priority, Aquajet’s goal is to provide much more than that with our extensive training options,” Simonsson said. “We connect customers with hydrodemolition experts who not only show them how to safely operate the machine, but also open their eyes to new techniques or applications to optimise their operation. Providing continued training options that go beyond simple operation is important to helping our customers find long term hydrodemolition success.” 

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