An historic year for the Indian demolition industry

Published 16/9 at 14:31

The Indian demolition industry started to become more professional in the year 2000.

During the last decade, the industry has been booming, and continues to grow rapidly. It all started in the big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc., but is now moving across India. A very exciting time is being experienced with new techniques and methods being constantly implemented. 

I remember when I first entered this industry in 1997 it was quite a challenge being a demolition contractor at that time. No one could believe that I could drill through concrete, but today, with access to so much professional equipment for demolition and recycling that remediation and concrete sawing and drilling operations have become so much more efficient. We now also have completely different legislation in India concerning safety, the working environment, the handling of waste and rubble, with the Government in 2016 passing legislation for the handling of C&D waste. 

The high pace of the construction of new apartments, offices, airports and metros, as well as the general expansion and improvement of the infrastructure, has also demanded new and more efficient methods and techniques to keep up with the development plans for the country. Also many of the old very large power plants are being scrapped; this requires expertise in large scale safe demolition. It is great to be part of this movement in such a vibrant country that India has become during just the last decade. When I started there were no professional demolition companies in India, but today we are over 200, with around 4,000 employees working across the nation. On top of these, some 1,000 medium and small contractors should be added. In line with the increase in jobs, purchasing power has also increased radically.

It has for years been a dream of mine that together with colleagues in the field, that we should form the first Indian demolition association. Now we are finally there, and I think the country is ready for it. The framework for the first Indian demolition association, with its official name, IDA Demolition Association, is now established. A number of large Indian demolition contractors have already come together to draw up the guidelines and to plan the official opening of the association. This will be held in Mumbai, on the 13 November this year. Additionally we will all come together at the first Indian demolition conference, Demtech 2019, which will be held at the Sahara Star hotel. 

This conference is something the whole industry has been waiting for, and I expect a large number of professional players in the field to attend; in my estimation, between 200 and 300 people from the industry. A number of politicians and industry professionals from India will hold lectures, and together with our sponsors and exhibitors, we will take the Indian demolition industry many steps further in just the single day of the conference. We are also very happy for having the support of PDi Magazine to help spread the news about our conference and the inauguration of our demolition association.

International associations such as the EDA and IACDS are also supporting the event, with the actual inauguration taking place during a gala dinner on the evening of 13 November. Make sure to be part of this historic moment for the Indian demolition, recycling, remediation and concrete cutting industry. You can find out more information at

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