Allu helps transforms customer recycling and sustainability

Published 8/7, 2021 at 18:48

The movement towards recycling and sustainability can often be a complex and time consuming operation, but the use of an Allu screener or crusher provides customers with the ability to recycle and thereby increase profitability.

Materials left over from construction and demolition works must be sorted in some way, even if the inert material is then directly sent to landfill. Traditionally this has seen the material sent to recycling centres resulting in haulage costs, charges at the recycling centres, and then landfill costs themselves. Allu has a solution as its product range means that construction and demolition businesses can become more efficient and productive when recycling. By using the Allu equipment, companies can process and reuse material on site thereby minimising their haulage and recycling costs. Additionally, there is no need to bring both a wheel loader/excavator and a crusher or screener on site. Instead, the Allu ‘Transformer’ screening and crushing buckets can crush, pulverise, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed, and load materials, transforming them into valuable products on site.

The Allu technology quite literally transforms the material making operations more productive, more environmentally friendly, and more profitable. With versatility at its very core, the Transformer will process just about anything it encounters. This includes materials including construction debris, concrete, topsoil, excavated soil and contaminated soil. In effect, virtually any material that can be crushed, screened, sized and sorted. This results in material processing being revolutionised as it will be accomplished with the Transformer converting the base machine (such as an excavator) into a mobile processing plant. Through using the machine in this new way, companies will benefit from reduced investment and operating costs, have a smaller carbon footprint and lower transportation costs, with material being transformed into a valuable product, thereby producing a profit stream, rather than a cost.

Another area where legislation is now requiring the use of recycled materials is with regards to aggregates.  If waste material can be satisfactorily processed, then it can be turned into an aggregate for reuse and resale. If this can be done ‘onsite’ then the entire operation becomes more efficient as there is no need (or cost) for hauling away material to a recycling centre for processing. One such solution for dealing with aggregates or construction/demolition materials is the Allu D-Series or Allu AC Crusher. These attachments can crush soft and brittle material, separate hard unwanted impurities, while loading a dump truck or stockpiling system making them ideal for processing waste construction materials and turning them into valuable resources.

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