AGP introduces new high frequency coring motor and drill stand

Published 19/4 at 10:04

AGP’s new DM20 is an all new rig mounted coring motor for 100mm to 500mm diameters. It is said to be able to accomplish this with only one gear ratio due to its state of the art high frequency motor design, which allows a wide speed range with no loss of torque.

There are no gears to select with all speed adjustments being made electronically via the digital interface; - users simply select the diameter by pushing a button, and the user is ready to drill. Although it is high frequency, there is no separate power box needed. All is integrated into one single motor head, with no three phase power needed as it runs on single phase 220-240V. This significantly simplifies things, since not every jobsite has three phase power available. 

It is said to be able to drill 500mm on single phase due to its output efficiency. On 16A input, it puts out 3.3kW, which the company says is 90% efficiency. AGP further puts this in perspective as the company says a typical 16A universal motor puts out only about 2.1kW or less on the same input. AGP states that this means that its AGP DM20 is more than half again as powerful as other units available. AGP is also very proud of its ‘PMSM’ (permanent magnet synchronous motor) technology. The company says that it is the first to apply this technology to a coring motor, and its performance on the job says it all, with any other motor requiring a three phase current.  

In addition to performance, AGP says that there are many useful features built into the design. The display can be easily switched between millimetres and inches and that there is a clearly visible LED load indicator so that the operator can optimise feed pressure. Running on single phase current makes the whole system much easier and more convenient to set up and run, with AGP stating that ‘with its amazing output and performance’, the AGP DM20 is sure to be a game changer in the field. 

It is joined by the new QS600 drill stand. This drill stand is said to be an improvement due to its quick release camlock cradle system. This makes it much easier and safer for the operator to mount and dismount the motor from the stand, especially in challenging situations, such as on walls, etc. Another distinguishing characteristic of the stand is its ability to mount up to a 500mm core bit without the need for any additional spacer. It can also mount 600mm with the addition of an accessory spacer.    

This drill stand has a full range of features, such as built-in gear reduction, tilt capability, spirit levels, and wheels. The rig has been designed and built for strength but with minimised weight, using a steel reinforced aluminium alloy column and box steel base. Overall, the QS600 drill stand and the DM20 coring motor are a perfect complement to one another, making an optimised large diameter core drilling package.

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