A re-tipping point

Published 11/3, 2022 at 09:30

As measures against spreading the coronavirus are reduced or removed, there is a hope that a tipping point is on the horizon and the two year Covid-19 nightmare will soon be over. Once this becomes a reality, players in the concrete sawing and drilling industry will have to ‘re-tip’ their operations and get themselves back on track. In anticipation of that moment, some have started to do just that. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin looks at the latest innovations in core drilling.

Husqvarna extends its ‘i-series’

Sweden based heavyweight Husqvarna has extended its i-series with the addition of the DM 540i drill motor. Designed for 15mm-75mm drilling in hand held mode and up to 100mm drilling on a drill stand, it allows for easier handling and higher productivity while reducing physical strain on the user. The specially developed thin walled drill bits ensure better utilisation of the machine's power and are available for drilling holes of 25mm–100mm in diameter at a maximum depth of 350mm. Håkan Pinzani, global product manager at Husqvarna, speaks of the new model: “The DM 540i can be used both outdoors and indoors for wet and dry drilling. The machine’s ergonomic design and light weight make it a good choice for work in confined spaces or in tight corners or passages, and, with fewer parts to service, operating costs and downtime are lower.” The DM 540i is part of Husqvarna’s i-series ‘battery eco system’. This means that the battery can be used on multiple Husqvarna products. Håkan Pinzani concludes: “Ergonomics, user friendliness and a versatile battery system are not the only highlights of the DM 540i. Built in connectivity also means that location, runtime and service intervals can be easily monitored and wireless updates received.”



Lissmac features ‘Drill Jet’ line-up  

The Drill Jet series from German based manufacturer Lissmac currently includes four drill motors, five stand options, a special system for pipe drilling and a comprehensive range of accessories. The two smaller drill motors - the CDM 20 P and CDM 20 S – boast a rated power of 2,000W. Fitted with an ergonomic pistol (P) or spade (S) grip, these compact models are designed for the hand held drilling of holes of up to 200mm in diameter in masonry and 150mm in concrete. The rig mounted CDM 33 W with a power rate of 3,300W is designed for up to 350mm wet coring jobs. At the top of the Drill Jet range is the powerful 6,300W CDM 63 W model for up to 500mm tasks. The enclosed housing of the water cooled motor permits overhead drilling without additional sealing equipment. All models feature Lissmac’s ‘Multi-Safe-Tronic’ safety system, which protects the drive from electronic and mechanical overload and safeguards the motor from overheating. The LED signals on both sides provide additional safety by indicating the current drilling load. Visual service indicators signal the maintenance requirements for such vital components as shaft sealing rings and carbon brushes. The modular construction of the Drill Jet rigs ensures operational flexibility on site.

Lissmac’s in house system for pipe drilling consists of the CDM 23 WP motor and the specially designed CDR 350 stand. With a rated power of 2,000W, the motor comes with a flanged three speed gearbox. An integrated centrifugal clutch on the motor and a mechanical overload clutch on the three speed gearbox ensure operational safety. The emergency stop button centrally located on the control display shuts down the machine immediately in case of a danger.  The CDR 350 stand can be easily mounted on to exposed sewer pipes by using a tensioning set or ratchet. If a sewer pipe is not completely exposed, the stand can be fixed to the ground with spikes. The hand crank cross is positioned to enable effortless drilling in both vertical and horizontal directions. The galvanised steel posts and Teflon bushings of the support guide ensure precision even at high loads. Another useful feature for everyday work on site is a crane hook, which facilitates quick lifting and lowering of the entire drilling system.



Tyrolit expands dry range  

Austria based Tyrolit has expanded its range of drill motors for dry applications with the addition of the DME17 model. Designed for up to 200mm jobs, the machine has a power rate of 2.0kW and the switchable soft impact function ensures excellent performance when drilling in reinforced concrete and other hard materials. The DME17 can be used in either hand held or drill based mode. The compact design, low weight and an integrated dust extraction system allow for comfortable operation. The new model is available in three speed configurations (standard, slow and quick) and suitable for a wide range of coring applications.



Baier Tools shines at WOC 2022  

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Baier Tools has been manufacturing high quality power tools for over eight decades. In the recent years, its focus has been on dry drilling and cutting systems, which Baier believes will be dominant in the future. The highlight of the German manufacturer’s booth at World of Concrete trade show this year was a hand held cordless dry coring motor with a cordless backpack vacuum cleaner. Baier also presented the BDB825, an all-rounder for dry drilling applications with the OSHA approved vacuum cleaner BSS606, ensuring 99.8% dust free operation. According to the manufacturer, no amount of rebar poses any problem with these dry coring systems.



Hilti creates a ‘drilling eco system’

Lichtenstein based trendsetter Hilti has a comprehensive product portfolio to offer to both professional concrete drillers and specialists from other trades. The range’s true standouts are the compact, multifunctional DD 150-U and the powerful heavy duty DD 250-CA drill motors, both available as of May 2021. The machines feature Hilti’s popular ‘Cut-Assist’ functions: base material search, electric start aid, automatic water on/off and break through detection. Both models are equipped with digital displays for the user to control and operate the autofeed. The system recognises the start and completion of every hole by displaying actual drilling depth and collecting total depth in the user statistics. The DD 150-U and DD 250-CA motor are connected to autofeed units DD AF-CA L and DD AF-CA H and the water management system DD-WMS 100 via Bluetooth into a single network. The user can monitor drilling progress while carrying out other tasks. A special app on a mobile device helps customers register the operational history of the tools.



Hand held coring solutions from Hycon

Hycon, a Denmark based specialist in hand held hydraulic cutting, drilling and demolition tools, has two core drills in its range. The HCD 25-100 model is a 1,500rpm drill for up to 100mm coring jobs. The machine is suitable for a variety of applications ranging from vibration free drilling of anchoring holes in reinforced concrete to installation holes for water pipes, cables and fibre optic ducts. The HCD 50-200 is a 500rpm high torque drill for up to 350mm applications. This model is recommended for drilling holes for road cables, ventilation holes and sewer lines.


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