Modernisation of the Cernavodă nuclear power plant in Romania

Published Yesterday at 15:32

Romania’s only nuclear power plant is located in Cernavodă, a small town near the Black Sea coast.

Pentruder modularity benefits drilling work

Published Yesterday at 15:29

Norrorts Betonghåltagning AB, a small concrete cutting company from Stockholm, Sweden, knows at first hand the benefits of using the full potential of Pentruder modularity.

Big two directions

Published Yesterday at 15:28

In connection with the bauma fair earlier this year, PDi Magazine's editor in chief, Jan Hermansson, got the opportunity for two short conversations with Husqvarna Construction Products CEO, Henric Andersson, and Tyrolit’s managing director of its construction global sales and marketing division.

D-Drill pivotal role in tunnel reopening

Published Yesterday at 15:12

A diamond drilling duo has been praised for their role in plans to reopen a tunnel in Wales that will benefit the whole community.

Power and low emissions

Published Yesterday at 15:10

Swerock is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of building materials to the construction and civil engineering industry.

C&D waste recycling undertaken in record time

Published Yesterday at 15:08

The 2,750m long runway at Salzburg airport has recently reopened after a 5 week shutdown for renovation works with a Rubble Master crusher making a considerable impact to the project.

From the valley of guns and roses

Published Yesterday at 15:01

Superabrasive’s line of Lavina floor grinding and polishing machinery and diamond tools has grown to be one of the biggest on the US market, with its main production sites located in Krun, Bulgaria and in Hoschton, USA. Now the company aims to grow more aggressively in Europe. PDi Magazine’s Jan Hermansson met recently with the company’s founder and CEO George Popov and European sales director Svetlana Peneva.

Indeco products guarantee excellent production

Published Yesterday at 14:55

The ‘Metro Tunnel’, also known as the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, is a metropolitan rail infrastructure project that will make a significant difference to mobility in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Tyrolit diamond tools deliver at Salzburg's biggest construction site

Published Yesterday at 14:53

In a large scale project, the 15/33 runway at Salzburg Airport was refurbished from 24 April to 28 May 2019. The concrete runway, built in the 1960s, would remain as the foundation for the new covering layer consisting of 120,000t of asphalt.

A man without borders

Published Yesterday at 14:52

Back in Sydney 20 years ago, he was known as the ‘Road Runner’, the industry’s best wall chasing contractor which saw him run one of the biggest concrete cutting firms in Australia. Today his target is the Middle East and Europe. Meet Youssef Hallak from LT Diamond Drilling.

Ultradia sets the pace for the Carbodiam Group

Ultradia sets the pace for the Carbodiam Group

Published 28/6 at 16:00

Based in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, Ultradia is a trading arm of Carbodiam and JFC Group, a world leading manufacturer of diamond consumables for professional sawers and drillers. According to Enrico Mariotti, Carbodiam’s export sales director and a concrete sawing industry stalwart, Ultradia’s successful business model sets the pace for the entire Group to follow. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

Allu and Mapei Circulus transforms returned concrete into high quality recycled aggregate

Published 28/6 at 15:51

The Allu Mapei Circulus system is aimed at large and medium sized RMC producers, or cement /concrete recycling companies that wish to reduce the cost of handling returned concrete waste.

New products from Arden Equipment

New products from Arden Equipment

Published 28/6 at 15:50

Arden Equipment is releasing a multitude of new products, some of them shown at this year’s bauma. Below we take a look at the latest machines.

Boart Longyear drills deepest hole in Ghana

Boart Longyear drills deepest hole in Ghana

Published 28/6 at 15:46

Boart Longyear crews drilled the deepest hole ever drilled in Ghana: a hole 2,083.4m deep.

Liebherr R 950 demolition excavator helps reshape Toronto skyline

Liebherr R 950 demolition excavator helps reshape Toronto skyline

Published 28/6 at 15:45

R 950 demolition excavators are purpose built for selective deconstruction of large industrial buildings.

Avant Tecno gets ready for bauma

Avant Tecno gets ready for bauma

Published 25/3 at 14:39

In January, Avant Tecno exhibited at World of Concrete in Las Vegas, USA.

Excavator mounted cutter makes pile cutting safe and efficient

Excavator mounted cutter makes pile cutting safe and efficient

Published 25/3 at 13:57

Construction contractor Niskasen Maansiirto Ltd. specialises in water supply, pile driving, sheet piling and excavation support projects. MotoCut’s automatic pile cutter has made its work more efficient while improving worksite safety, with the company now able make accurate estimates of cutting schedules and save their cutter operators’ arms and necks.

European water jetting forum meets in Brussels

European water jetting forum meets in Brussels

Published 25/3 at 13:56

In February the European Water Jetting Institute (EWJI) hosted the European Water Jetting Forum 2019 in Brussels with some 20 participants from national associations, contractors and manufacturers in attendance.

German Demolition Association holds 25th conference

German Demolition Association holds 25th conference

Published 25/3 at 13:49

On 15 February, the German Demolition Association (GDA) held its 25th annual demolition conference with a truly celebratory occasion. This year’s event was held at the Station-Berlin, an old former mail railway station and now an industrial monument located in the heart of the city, making it the ideal location for a demolition industry event.

10,000 Bobcat E10 mini excavators in 10 years

Published 25/3 at 12:46

The 10,000th E10 1t mini excavator rolled off the Bobcat production line in 2018 in its 10th year of production. The E10, now renamed the E10z, has proved to be ideal for a variety of applications including rental, construction, demolition, refurbishment, landscaping, trenching and drainage work.

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