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Home / News » Moviter invests in the Angolan market


Moviter invests in the Angolan market

The official Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV (HCME) dealer for Portugal and southern Spain, Moviter, is expanding its operations into Africa.

The Portuguese company is increasing sales within its European territories by focussing on after-sales for its existing customers and exporting to new areas, such as Angola and other countries with historical links to Portugal. Moviter was established in 1989 as part of the Movicortes group and is based in Leiria, central Portugal. It currently has customers in more than 14 African countries requiring Hitachi support. Fortunately, Moviter already has a foothold in Africa, having been appointed as the Hitachi dealer for the Angolan market. Angola was an obvious choice for Moviter, as explains, “Angola is a Portuguese-speaking country and it was a colony until 1975. This means that the language and similar culture are two of the main advantages that Moviter, and other Portuguese companies, have in trading with this huge African country,” says Movicortes Manager and Board Member Arnaldo Sapinho. “However, the 27-year civil war only ended seven years ago and this had a devastating effect on Angola’s infrastructure. At that time, there was an intensive rebuilding programme that helped the construction market to recover. As well as public investment, there was an increasing trend toward privately funded housing and commercial construction projects.”
In 2009, Angola suffered its own financial crisis when the price of oil bottomed out. With 95% of the country’s revenue coming from this natural resource, it had a further negative impact on the construction industry. The signs for recovery in 2011 are encouraging, as projects recommence and Moviter’s existing and potential customers use subcontractors to complete the work on their behalf.
“As the Angolan construction industry starts up again, the companies who stayed in the country through these turbulent times have a distinct advantage,” says Arnaldo. “The big issue is that we need to continue to build relations and then develop the network. We believe that the power of Moviter’s organisation and the consistency of the Hitachi brand will help the industry to believe, not just in the reliability of the machines, but also the level of service behind them.”






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