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Home / News » Yanmar-Socomec collaboration produces new breaker models


Yanmar-Socomec collaboration produces new breaker models

Yanmar has teamed up with Socomec to produce a new nine model DMS range of hydraulic breakers to complement its mini-excavator range from 700 kg to 9.5 t.

The new DMS breakers are built in a mono-block structure, eliminating traditional tie rod bolts that often break. The only part that needs to be assembled to the body of the breaker by screws is the accumulator, which doubles as a cap to seal the top of the breaker. By simply removing the accumulator, all bushings and the piston are immediately accessible. In its silenced version, the mono-block structure of the DMS series is vulcanized in a unique body with the external case by means of a patented polyurethane solution. Noise is reduced to a minimum and the mini-excavator’s arm is protected from micro vibrations. The unique stepped piston design delivers maximum energy to the chisel and minimum recoil to the breaker body.
The DMS breakers have an advanced modular hydraulic brake on the piston to prevent the hammer from harmful blank firing. When the tool is not in contact with the rock, the oil supply is automatically recycled and pressure strokes are avoided. A flow diverter valve is placed inside the mono-block to stabilize the working pressure regardless of the oil flow, resulting in a constant energy stroke.






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