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Association News » Las Vegas for NDA convention 2014


Las Vegas for NDA convention 2014

In the US the National Demolition Associationís 41st annual convention will be held at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas on 22-25 February 2014. It will be the largest exposition of demolition products and services in the world.

Each year the NDA convention brings together a wide cross section of professionals involved in the demolition process, including those in demolition contracting, general contracting, civil engineering, recycling, scrap, salvage and other industries. The convention includes educational programmes, entertainment, and networking opportunities for NDA members and other visitors.
The NDA is a non-profit trade organization representing approximately 800 US and Canadian companies and many international firms that are involved in the demolition process. Membership includes demolition contractors, general contractors, civil engineering firms, and recycling, landfill, and salvage operations. The associationís efforts help members stay abreast of environmental, regulatory and safety matters, keep regulators informed about issues facing the industry, increase public and industry awareness, and provide members with networking opportunities and information on the latest technical advances in equipment and services.





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