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Home / News » Backhoe birthday cake for JCBs diamond day


Backhoe birthday cake for JCBs diamond day

JCB Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford joined employees past and present in toasting the UK companys 60th anniversary in October with the pledge: We still have much more to achieve.

JCBs diamond jubilee celebrations culminated with a reception for 60 former and current employees, one for each year of JCBs existence. Among them was Bill Hirst, MBE, who was the third employee to join JCB when the company was based in stables at Crakemarsh near the World Headquarters at Rocester. He was watching as Sir Anthony, who took over as Chairman from his father and company founder Joseph Cyril Bamford 30 years ago, cut a giant celebration cake shaped as a backhoe loader, the product which helped propel JCB to success around the world.
Im extremely proud at what has been achieved, but we havent finished the job yet. There is still enormous potential for this company, said Sir Anthony. I believe the ingredients for our success are having a single purpose of mind and being successful in selling well-engineered products, coupled with an extremely good team of people, who in many cases have spent much of their careers with JCB. However, we cannot stand still and we have great ambitions for the company in the future.






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