Drilling to the CORE

Published 16/4

Core drilling is the most widespread and common technique of the concrete sawing industry. It is also one of the most fiercely competitive sectors, with dozens of manufacturers fighting incessantly for a bigger market share. Andrei Bushmarin reports.


Published 16/4

For owners of excavators and loaders, performance is the main concern. To achieve high productivity, the machine and the work tool need to be seamlessly synchronized. And this is a small and deceptively simple device called a quick coupler or a quick hitch that makes them click. PDi’s Andrei Bushmarin reviews the latest quick coupling systems.

Ground penetrating radar for concrete inspection

Published 16/4

Ground penetrating radar technology is increasingly becoming a useful tool for demolition contractors to mark a suitable cutting or drilling location, such as a wall or floor prior to per-forming cutting and coring work. The technique allows a fast and sure location of steel re-inforcement, cables, electric conduits, embedded plumbing and water pipes.

Turning scrap into profit

Published 16/4

2014 was a relatively uneventful year for the scrap processing industry. The trendsetters were busy fine tuning their existing products and consolidating their market positions. But good news is that scrap shears are becoming staple products for demolition attachment suppliers, so the number of players in this sector is steadily growing. Andrei Bushmarin reports.

The hands-on EXPERIENCE

Published 16/4

Handheld tools increasingly expand their range of advantages and applications. PDi’s Jim Parsons reports.

Bosch Bulldog packs a punch

Published 16/4

The Bosch RH328VC-36 Bulldog rotary hammer provides maximum productivity with 3.3J of impact energy for fast, consistent drilling and chiselling in concrete.

India, No Roaring Lion

Published 16/4

That India carries the symbol of a lion was perhaps created to respect and to keep intruders away. But with the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi the message is different. India is now welcoming other countries and foreign companies to invest in the now booming industry under the slogan ‘Make in India.’ Also the concrete sawing and drilling industry is getting its share of the positive trends in the country that once was under British administration. PDi’s Jan Hermansson reports.

The taste of Tyrolit in India

Published 16/4

In a colourful country like India, Austrian manufacturer Tyrolit has put a flavour of professionalism in the concrete sawing and drilling market. PDi reports.

Buckets for excavator versatility

Published 16/4

Evolution rather than revolution is not a bad thing. PDi’s David Ehrenstråle reports.

US construction equipment exports decline

Published 15/4

Exports of US made construction equipment ended 2014 with a 13.2% drop compared to 2013, with a total $17.26bn (€16.22bn) shipped to global markets.

Husqvarna’s new K 6500

Published 15/4

Husqvarna’s Prime family is expanding with the K 6500 Chain that manages deep and narrow cuts, as well as square corners. The power cutter can be used separately or to complement wall sawing to avoid overcutting at corners.