New tools from HTC

Published 15/9, 2017 at 12:24

The new HTC Superprep tool series includes new and enhanced tools for all types of floor preparation jobs. The tools have been specifically developed for the coarsest floor grinding jobs, when thick coatings are to be removed or floors levelled.

Special focus has been put on making work faster through tools with exceptionally high grinding capacity. At the same time, improved service life for the tools is also assured leading to improved profitability. 

In common for all 24 tools in the new series is the new green colour and the easy method for making the right choice. The optimum tool is easily identified using a simple visual guide printed on the tool carton and in the boxes.

All tools in the series are best used with HTC’s floor grinders and dust extractors for maximum synergic effects with, for example, the AirFlow technology.

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