Makinex Hose 2 Go - Every contractor’s dream

Published 28/12, 2016 at 15:53

The US company Makinex has launched the Hose 2 Go constant pressure water supply unit as a dust suppression, blade cooling tool, and portable water supply for the construction and flooring industries.

The Hose 2 Go has a constant flow of water without the use of a pump, battery or electronics that allows users to suppress dust and keep the blade cool while cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete. A full unit will give up to 30min of constant flowing water.

With a 13.8litre capacity, the Hose 2 Go provides and easy ways to use the dust suppression, blade-cooling tool, and portable water supply, which is also easy to carry or transport as it comes equipped with two carrying positions.

The Hose to Go also comes with a nozzle attachment that can be used for cleaning or hosing down equipment at the end of the day.

The Hose 2 Go was designed in Australian designed and been in development for four years, with patent pending. Makinex believes it is the most innovative product to hit the construction and flooring industry for a long time.

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