Allu adds G series processing bucket

Published 9/12, 2016 at 15:35

Continuing the development from the large Allu M series material processing buckets released in 2014, Allu has now added the larger Allu G series for very big carriers in material processing and mining.

The first model is the G 4-32F for mounting on 300t front shovel mining excavators. Instead of just using the excavator for loading of ore containing large quantities of waste rock onto dump trucks, the carrier now screens the ore, while loading at the same time, using the G 4-32F. In many mining operations, the utilization of this method makes it possible to leave the majority of waste rock found in the ore at its original location, without ever needing to transport the waste.

When the waste material can be left in its original location, large savings in fuel, transportation, equipment wear and tear and maintenance costs will be made.

With this technique, the combination of the excavator and the bucket is turned into a mobile heavy processing machine. As with the M series, the G series is also equipped with the Allu Dare data reporting system, which enables remote monitoring of the equipment condition and material processing performance by a mobile uplink.


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